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"Let him that would move the world, first move himself." -Socrates

It seems at the moment, there is a certain cartoon that is making a certain group of people a bit cross. This is just silly. No that wasn't an assertion, this display really is unintelligent.

Now ask yourself, just how easy is it to go pointing fingers at group X or person Y? Quite easy in fact. Just ask Mr. George W. As soon as a Al-Qaida crashed those planes (By crashing planes I mean controlled demolition and by Al-Qaida I mean PNAC) he points his finger at the "terrorists". And by pointing his finger the media in turn recognizes their cue and also starts pointing. What molten steel? What laws of physics? No more questions? Good. Bombs over Baghdad. Nowadays this was recognized largely as a bad move. The point is people all of a sudden stopped questioning and started pointing their fingers as well. Unintelligent.

I'm going to say something very dangerous: most people are so quick to accuse someone else for problems they see going on around the world, but Muhammad-forbid we look in the mirror. It's the Illuminati, it's the Zionists, it's the one-armed man, in this case it's the Danish cartoonists. NO, full stop. We are responsible. By "we" I mean the individual. Take back possession of your own mind, for when you do that you change the group mind. That is true intelligence.


At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

very eloquent, vper1...:)

and no doubt true, to a very large degree. but, 'we' are not alone.

There is a conspiratorial group out there. There's no question in my mind. But, they accomplish much of their success through our own faults, I agree.

At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Blogger vper1 said...

Who knows, I just want some peace.

At Wednesday, February 08, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

that's understandable. we all do.

At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

Yep, dangerous content in this post.
Who fits the shoe, wear it!

I am not offended because I have a mind of my own and my mind is my church (Thomas Paine, 1974, The age of Reason) regardless if you believe in God, any God(president).

What I am going say now is very dangerous since it might offend lots of people that keep their eyes shut.

Now since I have a mind of my own I do not believe in fairytales. Fairytales are based on fear, like horror movies are. Some bullying minds are using fairytails to controll the mindless, be it politics or religion, all the same, all fairytales. Fairytales are entertainment and should only be used as entrtainment. But there is lots of money to be made or subsequently power to be gained with fairytales as long as you can find enough people that don't have a mind of their own. The more fear the more control.

Many fairytales originate from ages ago, in a different time, in different circumstances in a different mind set, where the worshipping of more gods was supposedly unpractical and suggested to be a bad thing and hurting the more practical one God movement. Very pragmatical very tribal. Some parts of the world have changed from a tribal society to an individual society with lots of individual minds. Tribal culture vs Individual culture caucses a problem. However the worshipping of so called false gods is still continuing everywhere, and one of them is money (power) Mind me this is not just religion I am talking about, but politics, anyway what is the difference?

The one guy having a gun telling the other guy that wants a gun too and who just entered a gunshop. "If I where you buddy, I wouldn't buy a gun, (since I will not allow anyone else to carry a gun). When you do buy a gun I will shoot you. Ah another fairytale. If you have a fearless mind you will find ways to get your gun anyway. Should anyone have the right to defend themselves? The law of the jungle!

As I said, fairytales are not true, the fairytale tellers want to scare the hell out of you. So you are doing what they want, and they prommise to take the fear away, ha ha. This is simple Maffia practise, first you rob a shop and then you offer the owner protection for money, as simple as that. All monotheistic religions do exactly the same thing. They scare the hell out of you with there set of rules and fairytales and then they sell you peace of mind.

The American government is doing the same thing right now and only a small group in power benefits filling their pocktes. Wake up Americans! Get out of this fairytale!

Open your eyes look around you and expose the fairytale. What you need is a mind of your own and become fearless. Not easy since cowardyce is like sweets, addictive, you get fat and lazy. Exactly what the bullies of this world want. Wake up World!

I was born during the second world war, my country was occupied by the nazis and the mindless Germans.
There was a resistance movement of course. And if the nazis caught you, you where shot, no trial, no nothing. The Nazis even shot innocent people that had nothing to do with a nazi being killed, they just happened to live in that street or where bystanders. To control resistance and the people they just planted fear by behaving extremely cruel. Did it help the nazis behaving like this? No not at all. More and more individuals joined the underground groups to fight the occupiers. Wake up World!

Let me summaraize what I try to say in support of what vper1 said about the resonsability of the individual. YOU!!! Because that is where it is all about

A people that give in to tyrants will loose more then life and goods....... then the light will extinguis (H van Randwijk, resistance hero and journalist 1909-1966)

Many people (if they have got the right information and do not believe fairytales) should be shocked what for creulty and injustice is done in their name. WAKE UP WORLD.

Fearless Navigator

At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Hey "TomTom" I found ur post rather interesting. U're a little older than me if what u say is true, ur having been born during WWII. But did u move fm ur original birthplace pretty quick after u were born? For if u were only born during WWII then fact is u don't know what u're talking about regarding "nazis," only rehashing stories u were told--is that right? I know the Germans aren't "mindless" so u must be a little of a fool urself, but tell us more. Specifically, how do u know about how if nazis "caught" u, u were shot, no trial, etc.? U don't really know this, do u?--it's just more crap war-story-like bullshit, isn't it?

For the nazis were heroes and patriots, as I understand, they the defenders of Christianity and Western culture against the Jews--didn't u know that?

And I guess my point is that ur advice about "fairytales" is so idiotically reversed and IRONIC--for there's no one more confused THAN YOU, is there? U're almost hilarious, unquestionably funny. Thanks again for ur post. Apollonian

At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

You may regard my post as a fairytail if you wish. That is fine with me. But it looks like reading is not your strongest point. Dyslectic maybe? Before you comment please read what was written. I might have made some typos but content wise I did not make any mistakes.
BTW the nazi followers were mindless ( Germans) not everybody stupid.

As you may have noticed I hate all tyrans and for that matter everyone that bullies me, regardless what believe they have or whatever political prefference.

Take care that you be back in the assylum in time today. Otherwise they don't let you out for the next couple of weeks so you canrt go to the internet cafe anymore.

Fearless Navigator

At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Blogger tomtom said...

Oh one not so importantr point and sorry to dissapoint you but I lost my father, who was in the resistance movement, due to Gestapo action. He was shot without trial and I want mention the bystanders that were picked up and shot. By Nazi's and mindless Germans.

Tell me Apolonian are yuo proud of your parents at all, do you have them still. Are you proud of yourself?

Fact is that the way your posts are you sound very jewish.

BTW my German friends I have today have a mind of their own.


At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

But isn't it true, if u were born during the war, u CAN'T know first-hand what u allege took place during the war?

Tell me, why do u just repeat Jew-propaganda and lies? Are u a Jew urself?

Yes or no, weren't the nazis and Germans merely reacting desperately to Jew-bolshevik take-over of Europe, Hitler the leader-"fuhrer" for the great German people?

Meantime I'll try to get back to the assylum in time today, as I need a place to sleep tonight. Apollonian

At Thursday, February 09, 2006, Anonymous Apollonian said...

Hey don't doubt I respect u, "TomTom"--to a certain extent at least, okay?--surely for as much as I consider u deserve. And I'm sure u're fairly accurate and honest too, at least for some things. I'm just trying to be most precise as possible.

Sorry to hear about ur father, but he was an enemy of the Germans, right? Perhaps ur dad killed some Germans himself too. So when Gestapo grabs someone like that, it's like catching a spy with summary court-martial. After all ur Dad knew the rules of the "game," right?

But how do u know about the "bystanders"?--how do u know it's not just more Jew lies? Do u like Jews? Do u think Jews are good for gentiles (aside fm traitor-"Sadduceans")?

My philosophy is life sucks (Greek Tragedy), and the greatest gift God can give is a quick, painless death.

U really know how to hurt a guy, telling me I sound like a kike, eh?

Thanks for all ur commentary. Apollonian


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