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The Boston Tea Party: a temporary fix!

According to the Boston Herald, "[a]bout 6.5 percent of [Massachusetts'] work force, or 189,000 workers, are employed by foreign-owned firms."

Is that supposed to be a good thing?

"The state ranks sixth in the nation for the percentage of its overall jobs tied to foreign firms with subsidiaries or offices in the United States."

Who's No. 1?

California. "They now employ 561,000 California workers—an increase of 15% over five years."

No. 2?

New York. "They now employ 382,600 New York workers—an increase of 17% over five years."

And, just who are these companies?
Airbus North America Holdings, Inc.
American Water
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Barclays Capital
BASF Corporation
Bayer Corporation
Cadbury Schweppes
Honda North America, Inc.
ING America Insurance Holdings Corp.
John Hancock Life Insurance Company
L’Oréal USA, Inc.
Michelin North America, Inc.
Miller Brewing Company
Nestlé USA, Inc.
Nokia, Inc.
Novartis Corporation
Panasonic/Matsushita Electric Corporation of America
Philips Electronics North America Corp.
Reed Elsevier Inc.
Reuters America, Inc.
Rolls-Royce North America Inc.
Shell Oil Company
Siemens Corporation
Sony Corporation of America
Sun Life Financial U.S.
The Thomson Corporation
Toyota Motor North America
Tyco International (US), Inc.
Unilever United States, Inc.
To name just a few...

American Water and John Hankock are foreign?!!

American revolutionaries gave their lives to free themselves and their families from economic tyrrany.

But apparently, it was only a temporary fix.


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