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Ford Nails Coffin SHUT on America's Economy

It's like a 500-foot stake driven right through the heart of America's economy.

The DISASTROUS implications of Ford's plans to close more than 8 plants, following GM's plans to close or scale down upto 12 plants CANNOT be overstated.

Lyndon La Rouche, whom our "trusted" mainstream media routinely ignores, cogently argues that:
"one-half of a COMPETENT ... modern economy depends upon basic economic infrastructure."


I experience it EVERY DAY:
(1) waiting on bus stops for dilapidated buses that NEVER come on time;

(2) experiencing delays in the subway due to poorly maintained tracks, platforms and lines;

(3) waiting for the only ferry that serves the island; or

(4) idling in bumper to bumper traffic, with thousands of other drivers, on narrow, congested highways.

Imagine how many millions of man hours are lost.

How much more productive could we be if our infrastructure and mass-transit systems were updated to reflect the ADVANCED technologies at our disposal?

La Rouche is RIGHT.
If the U.S. auto-manufacturing industry is dismembered, the U.S. will become "a virtual 'Third World' nation overnight," visiting severe economic devastation upon large swathes of the nation, and extinguishing our hopes of recovery.

Already, our nation's infrastructure is in a state of complete and utter disrepair.

Louisiana and Mississippi are but a small example of its dilapidated condition.

La Rouche argues that the US automobile industry:
"can produce almost anything . . . such as a new mass-transportation grid, including magnetic-levitation grids, [and] crucial elements of urgently needed new power-generation installations, essential components required for rebuilding the nation's ruined and depleted water-management systems."

We would have millions of new JOBS,


a massive increase in PRODUCTIVITY,

AND the projects would pay for themselves in no time!

The ONLY THING that's missing is the MONEY to get started!!!

And, if FORD and GM cannot or will not supply it because it's not "profitable" enough for them;

THEN our government CAN and MUST supply it for the benefit of the nation.

* * *

Bill Ford claims that unlike others, "he's not convinced" that:
(1) "American manufacturing is yesterday's news and that we should rely squarely on the service sector;" that

(2) "it's okay to be a consumer society and to leave the production to other parts of the world;" or that

(3) "the only thing that matters is that we get our goods as cheaply as possible; that we shouldn't worry about the collateral damage."

BUT, if "he's NOT CONVINCED" of all these things, then WHY ON EARTH IS HE CLOSING THESE PLANTS?!!


You may intend "to fight like mad to get [FORD] back to where it deserves to be," Bill.

But, what about AMERICANS?

Who's going to fight like mad so that Americans can 'get back to where THEY deserve to be?'

Remember the Americans who borrowed up to their eyeballs to buy the lousy cars you manufactured hand over fist and sold to them below the cost of production?

And what about the cost of production, Bill?

Is it really "soaring health-care and raw material costs?"

How much is Ford paying in INTEREST to "SERVICE" its corporate debts?

* * *

La Rouche may not be popular among MSM pundits and talking heads. But, he's right:
"the present international monetary-financial system is hopelessly bankrupt."

It's the principal reason why we find ourselves in the position we're in today AND it's the crucial step on the path to solving our problems.
STEP 1: The manufacturing capacity at Ford and GM must be declared a strategic national asset;

STEP 2: The financial obligations needed to keep them open must be assumed by the government and capitalized with INTEREST-FREE loans; and

STEP 3: Their machine tool capacity must be used to rebuild our nation's infrastructure.

If that sounds like a plan to you, tell everyone you know.

It's our only chance.


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