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The New Year Coming Apace


It has been a year of many whirlwinds. And out we come, into 2006.

With what convictions, what decisions, what insight?

All along, there is a star.

It is imagination. Never decaying, never dying, never at a loss. It waits by the door for us. It doesn't traffic in ordinary emotions. It seeks the great adventure.

Earth culture, such as it is, looks elsewhere for answers. It makes a very precise tour of battlements, confusions, and foggy comforts. It tiptoes past the attractions of imagination with averted eyes.

The soul avoiding itself...

In the New Year, may you discover the present that wasn't under the tree. May you hitch up your wagon and take to the air. May you outdistance every effort by the "sympathetic elite" to tie you down to stultifying consensus.

May you invent, create, improvise with great power.

My New Year's wish.


At Tuesday, December 27, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe the Dear Leader will be impeached too ... it's our best hope.


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