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“Media exists to manage feelings” [about Israel]

Remind me again, who hates our freedom? Ah, yes. The media.

They hate it so much that they can't even tolerate our freedom to express ourselves and to direct our own emotions. We must feel the way they want us to feel.
Affective Encryption Analysis [measures] the way in which “feeling-trends” develop over time. It then forecasts the likely behavioral outcomes.

Using Affective Encryption Analysis, media psychologist, Dr. James N. Herndon, [led] an investigation to predict long-term “feeling-trends” concerning the economy . . . [using] population samples in both the US and Germany[.]

“Our results showed far greater feelings of dread about the economic future than we currently find in mainstream survey research,” stated Dr. Herndon.
You don't need encryption analysis to tell you that - just two eyes and a brain.
“In fact, almost 70 percent of our sample expressed a precipitously declining sense of economic stability. This was especially strong among the lower-middle-class,” he added.

Here's where it gets interesting. According to Herndon, these pesky little pessimists with 'a bad feeling about the economy' inexplicably project their negative emotions about their economic woes on to Israel.
'Scapegoating Israel'

“What we did not expect was a widespread association of economic problems with support for Israel. This belief appears to be growing exponentially in both the US and in Germany,” he said.
Of course, it couldn't possibly be because Israel collects billions of dollars annually in US AID while middle-class and poor Americans get the shaft - Nah! They're just envious little buggers - filled with irrational hate for their fellow peace-loving Zionists.
“We currently have worryingly low rates of savings and capital investment, combined with systemic unemployment and an ever-increasing spiral of debt and inflation,” said Dr. Herndon.

“If current trends are left unchecked, we believe that by late 2007, a feeling of economic desperation will begin to overtake large sectors of the lower-middle-class in the US, as well as the welfare-dependent classes in Germany,” he warned.

“Our results strongly suggest that this will provide the emotional trigger for the scapegoating of Jews, toward whom feelings in our sample were unexpectedly negative, and often violent.”
So, it's not the widespread economic desperation that bothers him - just how it will affect Jews - specifically in Israel.
“The bottom line is that increasing numbers of persons at the economic margins believe that their economic interests are being ignored in favor of a foreign power, namely, Israel. Feelings about Jews and Israel are also associated with strife and insecurity, not peace and prosperity,” he explained.
And so he predicts . . .
[A] violent reaction

A surprising forecast was that anti-Semitic behavior will predominate among nominally Christian, and not Muslim, groups.

“Unlike more ideologically-oriented Muslim groups, post-World War Two westerners in the so-called first-world are more driven by economic comfort and security. When their economic underpinnings are jeopardized, we can expect a violent reaction. And violence is rarely rational.”

“We believe that unrest will begin in the US Southwest. And in Germany, in areas of former East Germany. As with most emotionally-driven mob behavior, it will spread. Containing it will be difficult.”
But, never fear! He has a plan.
Dr. Herndon emphasized the need to be proactive.
Oh? Proactive as in '100,000 Whiners for War Crimes' or proactive as in plain old 'War Crimes', sans whining?
“Media exists to manage feelings. Our results strongly suggest that Jewish and Israeli organizations, in particular, are in the process of rapidly losing control of their PR initiatives. Opinion leaders in both the US and Europe must not stand-by passively as these trends develop.”

“I would characterize the anecdotal results of our research as frankly horrifying. A new strategy to diffuse these growing perceptions is clearly in order. This is one time where we cannot afford for history to repeat itself,” he concluded.
No - we can't.

Let's roll.


At Friday, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we can.

Round up the Jews. Deal with them as they have dealt with us. Seize their assets and deport them all to Israel.

At Friday, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Key UN Members Reach Informal Deal on Iran

Key UN Security Council members agreed informally yesterday on a resolution demanding Iran suspend nuclear enrichment and reprocessing work and threatening to consider sanctions if it refuses, diplomats said.

The draft text must first be approved by governments of the five Security Council members with veto power -- the US, Britain, France, Russia and China -- as well as Germany, a European negotiator on the Iran controversy.

Western countries, which have been haggling with Russia and China on a text over the past two weeks, were optimistic of a deal a week ago only to see the talks drag on.

But yesterday, two diplomats close to the negotiations said there was "provisional agreement" among the six. If true, a vote could be scheduled for Monday after the full Security Council receives the draft.

Still, China's UN ambassador, Wang Guangya, expressed frustration earlier on Thursday with US delays and its watering down of a council statement on the deaths of four UN peacekeepers in Lebanon, one of whom was Chinese.

He said difficulties remained on the Iran resolution because "not all members share the same view."

Tehran has vigorously objected to the resolution and says its nuclear activities are to produce electrical power only. It has also indicated it might withdraw from the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, if the resolution were adopted.

The draft is expected to demand Iran suspend all uranium enrichment-related and plutonium reprocessing activities as well as the construction of a heavy-water reactor.

It says that if Iran does not comply with the resolution, the council would consider measures under Article 41 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which relates to economic and diplomatic sanctions. But it excludes military force.

The date set for compliance is expected to be August 31.

The latest draft is under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, Article 40, which says the council, before taking any action, can call on those concerned to "comply with such provisional measures as it deems necessary."

Chapter 7 makes a resolution mandatory and provides options for enforcement.

Originally, the Western drafters, who fear Iran's nuclear activity is a cover for bomb-making, also wanted a reference to Article 39 in Chapter 7 that refers to threats to international peace and security.

At a July 12 meeting in Paris, all six countries agreed Iran had given no indication it would engage seriously on a commercial and technological incentive package offered by major powers in early June, and referred the issue to the council.

Iran is building a heavy-water nuclear reactor at Arak, 120 miles (190 km) southwest of Tehran. Western nations are concerned the plant's plutonium by-product could be used to produce nuclear warheads.

At Friday, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the The Israel Project?

They have a picture of Wolf Blitzer with their fellowship students:

Talk about managing people's perceptions. So much for unbaised coverage.

At Friday, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, puleezzee!

Who died and made Israel "King of the World." More academic tripe to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate those that fear the repercussions associated with their vile actions toward humanity.

By the way, I'm one of those middle to poor class Americans who is very aware that my few tax dollars go right into the Israeli kitty, but that does not mean I'm ready to take up arms to retaliate against my Jewish neighbors. Academics fail to realize that not all misfortunates in society are complete simpletons. Some of us are rational, logical thinking individuals with a hell of a lot more common sense than we're given credit. Now I know why I never finished college.

At Sunday, July 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so stupid and such propaganda. How the hell could anyone believe that Israel is targeting innocent people.


Oh no the fact that the Hezbollah is targeting civilians. They NEVER try to attack the Israeli military. They wait for them to come to them. They are afraid because they know they have to stay in their little hiding places or the Israeli army will bomb the hell out of them.



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