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The Corruption of Congress

Diary Entry by Joe Walsh

Congressman Earl Blumenauer opens mouth and gets a response

As a veteran of almost ten years in the Navy, I was going to ask you not to attend the AIPAC meeting that was once again held at the Mittleman Jewish Center. As one of your constituents I was going to ask you not to send a representative to this abomination of our political system. As a grandfather and one of the protesters I spent my Sunday outside telling all who went in that they should be ashamed of supporting an organization that believes that Israel can do anything. You and the rest of the Congress will support AIPAC and the government of Israel even when they support murder. My message to you is simple,


There is a legend in the deep part of Ireland that says you will face all your sins someday, know how many people you helped to murder, maim or just terrorize. You sir, are guilty of supporting an organization that believes in the corruption of our congress to the tune of 60-70 million dollars per year. Those funds support the murder of women and children in Gaza. AIPAC says the blockade of Gaza is necessary for the protection of Israel; this is a lie and you as my congressional representative cause me great pain. My understanding is that you snuck into this year's fundraiser and made a statement that the 70-90 protesters outside of the center were just cranky human beings who should spend their time doing other things.


Someday the people of the 3rd District will wake up and understand you support wars, have voted for the funding of wars and occupations, and will do it again and again because you have 60-70% of the people fooled into thinking you are a progressive. When the people realize you became a multimillionaire during your tenure while voting for some of the worst trade deals in
our history, they will vote you out of office.

Over a year ago I asked you to go on record that you would fight tooth and nail against any more offshore drilling and you said no. How about now, watch as the Gulf coast is destroyed by the British Petroleum Corporation that likes to call itself BP, "Beyond Petroleum."

I may not be here to see it, but your days are numbered as our representative. People will wake up and realize that you are corrupt and will say anything to keep your job.

I hope you sue me for slander, seems like there is enough in this rant for you to do that---come on!

** I dislike using the word "F..k" but sometimes it is the only word that fits.

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