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Sabbatean Media ***es Fan The Flames Of War
All whilst pretending to be the good guys!

Written by myself. Inspired by a good friend of mine :)             mp3

One month ago, those who have been
paying attention, would have noticed
that ZNN/FOX are holding a Qur'an bu_ning event, on 9/11 nonetheless - complete with a retarded pastor named Jones. The event also coincides with Eid al-Fitr, which only compounds the insult, and may ruin an otherwise very happy time, for more than a billion people. Most of us ignored the incitement, including myself, in the vain hope that it would just go away like all lying propaganda should.

Unfortunately, the media has turned what would be a non-event, into an international uproar. It's on every channel.

Are you buying it? If you do, go brush your teeth and go to sleep.

Now, for those of you still capable of critical thinking, consider this:

This video made me so mad, that i cut out the part where the soldiers pull an Alex Jones bullhorn, and taunt the Afghans whilst the bodies are burning. Now, do you believe the mass-murderer/general Petraeus, when he says he's a good guy? What about the witch Hilary, or business international Barry Soetoro, who have murdered thousands of people?

How about this, imagine for a moment, were wolf blitzer the one who broke the story, and harped on it, lute-in-mouth. Follow me yet?

If the supposed new york mosque controversy wasn't enough for you, complete with the fanatic zionist Geert Wilders - perhaps you remember those abrasive 'atheist' bastards who started pushing "Draw the Prophet Muhammad day", complete with an encouragement on facebook, to draw a bomb on his head.

People died because of the Danish cartoon, yet the satanist come atheists had no qualms about it. Thankfully some nice pictures were drawn, yet technically it is Haram to do so.

There are different versions of history presented in the second and third testaments, and no shortage of Muslims who believe that the New Testament is not fact, yet they have the decency to not burn the book (probably because it contains the words of Jesus), and out of respect; just don't mess with the extremists, or you might end up in big trouble for witnessing - Just like in israel, where it is illegal to witness outside the church.

Why did the media not blast from every channel, when satanic yeshiva students burnt stacks of bibles in israel? [Orwelled]

Your guess is as good as mine.

What you need to realize, is that they're coming for our free speech, which is a certain sign of war, and a marxist's wet dream, national, international, beast sheckler, whatever, they're all part of the nothing; even Banki Moonie is feigning concern, lickin' his chops.

The order of the day here - the test, is for people to use the brains that God gave them, rather than always deferring to other people's sayings and interpretations.

Still buying it? It's past your bedtime.

Written by me. You don't need to know who i am.
Buy something nice for someone who needs it. Ameen.


At Friday, September 10, 2010, Blogger musique said...

grim agreed completely, great article!

This butt pirate, k*kist, satanist terry jones is the perfect example of what the juux controlled media love -attention seeking whore. The same media that love to ooze out following words such as "extremist, Islamist" & "jihadist" whenever possible and poison minds of the sheeple out there. They have poisoned so much that everything is beyond repair.

Anyway, this bitch is keeping everyone on the edge since he is postponing the burning but he will stir it up again whenever his k*kist masters will give him the greenlight.

At Friday, September 10, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Musique, at least you're not afraid of your own imagination! :)

.just call him super duper terror joones


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