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Disney Making Less From Consumer Products Than Parks And Resorts

Disney's not performing so well these days.
"Parks and Resorts profit rose 10 percent to $309 million, while the consumer products division profit fell 10 percent to $132 million."
Let's see. Generally, it costs more to go to Disneyland than it does to buy your kid cheap 'made in China' Disney merchandise sold at the mall.

So, it stands to reason that, generally, those who visit the theme parks have more disposable income than those who are stuck buying the cheap consumables.

Now, let's apply that to the facts. Consumer sales down means that people with small incomes can no longer afford the cheap crap that they used to be able to afford. Parks and resorts profits are up means that those who can afford to go to these parks, can afford to spend more.

Now, I could be mistaken. It's possible that there are more people who can afford to go to the parks and resorts than there were before. But, something tells me that's NOT likely given the apparent realities of our economy today.

The inevitable conclusion, which we all already know, is that those who have more cash are getting more of it, while those who have less cash are getting less of it.

Think about it, most of the folks vacationing at Disney parks have some stream of interest income, whether it's from investing in bonds, or from huge 'preferred money market accounts.'

Now, I'm not saying all these folks are bad. Many of them don't realize how the system works. They don't FULLY realize that their easy profits MUST come at the expense of someone else suffering through no fault of their own.

Folks, there can be NO OTHER OUTCOME when you allow money to be gotten from money without adding anything productive to the economy. Indeed, through INTEREST money makes the biggest profits by exploiting those who need it most.


At Tuesday, November 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For our Judeo-Christian audience, the Bible states so many references to usury that I will let those who doubt look for themselves. Of course Shakespeare put it succinctly, "...Neither a borrower or a lender be...". I get your gist. Always have. Glad to see some enlightened people. Here is your answer to the problem. Those who produce excess MUST give their monies to those efforts that feed, educate and create. This will create abundance, diversity and the joy of Human companionship. The Capitalist is failing. Greed always consumes itself and the paranoid power mongers are habitually afraid of losing the game, instead of seeing the power they have to inspire the future of production, cohabitation with the earth, and all the good things humans are capable of, they will seek to consume each other until only one is left standing. The rest is history. You are right QRSWAVE a change is needed, a change is coming. It won't be easy, never has been in history. Another idea is right out of the Bible as well. The year of Jubilee (a time when all debts were forgiven or cancelled). It is coming again to an economy near you! Most likely the hard way.

At Tuesday, January 31, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

You know, anonymous, I don't know why I didn't respond to your comment, before. But, many thanks for leaving it.

You are so right. Greed eventually consumes itself. Unfortunately, not before it consumes all else.

Whoever you are, I really hope that you visit again.



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