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Iraq Cannot Be Won; But We Can Beat Our Corrupt Monetary System!

Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania made this speech on October 17 to the Democratic caucus.

Hoorah, for Murtha!!!

Now, let's see who'll listen to him.

IMHO, Murtha and others like him should focus on the war that can be won; the one against the enemy that's eating our physical economy alive--INTEREST.

"Our deficit is growing out of control; Our deficit is growing out of control;Our deficit is growing..."

"The director of the Congressional Budget Office recently admitted to being terrified about the deficit in the coming decades."

The war in Iraq is a catastrophe, no doubt. But, think about it. What's the engine that drives this catastrophe?

Our monetary system.

If warmongers didn't have this much money rolling out of OUR pockets and into THEIR coffers, then they would not be so politically powerful, and we would not be so politically weak and the US would not have gone to war.

And don't fool yourself, defense contractors are not the only folks getting BUSHloads of money. Bondholders of every persuasion collect BUSHloads of our tax money every day through interest.

If you've seen my posts before, then by now you might think 'what is it with this person? why this obsession about interest and the monetary system?'

Well, think about it. Up until August 31, the government had spent over $335 BILLION on INTEREST on US Treasury Bonds in 2005. That was only $100 BILLION less than they spent on the Department of Defense during the same period and almost $300 BILLION more than they spent on the nation's education.

Think about it and if you think that there's something wrong with that picture, then do something about it.

Murtha said what had to be said, but his words fall on deaf ears. As long as the warmongers wield the CASH, the rest of us will be forced to follow.


At Monday, November 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what do normal people do beside the little things... if we were to band together, what would be our revolution?


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