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A Media Monster Is Eating The Dems

That's life. Big fish eat little fish.

But, wait! Our monetary system isn't a naturally occuring phenomenon!

It was designed by a few men supposedly for the benefit of ALL men.

So, why do big fish keep getting bigger, while small fish can barely buy feed?

Merit? Yeah, right. Try INTEREST.

Without control of the money supply coupled with that ingenious accounting instrument called INTEREST, these folks would have never been able to BUY UP ALL THAT MEDIA.

When it gets this bad, you have to question your assumptions. I did. And what I discovered is not pretty.

We've been had, and continue to be had, at a price tag of over ONE BILLION DOLLARS a day in interest on government bonds. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Every city and state government in this country is up to its eyeballs in interest payments.

Learn about the monetary system; a debt-based system is the instrument by which money is consolidated into the hands of a few.

Once the money's consolidated--the sky's the limit!!!


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