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Who Should Jesus Tax? Nobody!

In a post, Who Would Jesus Tax?, a fellow blogger, apostropher, comments on a recent threat by the IRS to revoke the tax exempt status of a church for their anti-war stance.

"If the IRS is willing to apply this standard across the board, then more power to them."

I agree that IRS's expectations of citizens should be standard across the board. But, that is where we part. Where as apostropher appears to think it's okay for the government to tax its citizens, I do not.

If our monetary system did what a wholesome monetary system is supposed to do, there would be little to no need for the government to tax its citizens as it does. If the physical economy did not have to host a virtual economy of an unimaginable size, it would not show the myriad signs and symptoms of economic cachexia that it currently exhibits.


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