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Why is France Burning?

Why Is France Burning is an excellent article on the many characteristics of a disintegrating physical economy.

My take on this? You guessed it.

Paris is Burning Because Of the Zero-Sum Interest Based Monetary System. The physical economy is suffering the carcinogenic effects of a centralized interest-based monetary system.

Interest on a centralized money supply is the all-time mechanism by which a few individuals surreptitiously redistribute wealth BEFORE it is ever circulated.

Interest acts as a gigantic vacuum that sucks the wealth of laborers. That is why they (in this case, the French moneylenders) look for laborers to immigrate into the system; the laborers work and those who collect interest profit from the laborer's work.

Interest exercised through the centralized monetary system enables those who control it to encumber with debt whomever will accept their currency.

Mathematically, this debt can never be repaid--seeing that those who control the money supply only issue principal--NOT interest.

Thus, the only way that one man can repay both his principal and the interest that has accrued on that principal is by tapping into another man's principal. So, the other man remains forever in debt because new money is never issued without interest!

Thus, a zero-sum economy is created in which some people must 'lose' in order for others to 'win.'

This manifests itself as exceedingly poor neighborhoods with extremely high unemployment butting against exceedingly wealthy areas with low unemployment and very high salaries. Sure there are education differences, but these are created by the interest-based system to begin with and are exacerbated by it after the fact.

The poor areas are effectively foreclosed from the only tool they know of with which they can exchange their wealth (their labor). If currency is ever invested in these areas, it is done at extremely high interest rates.

However, money (in whatever currency) represents wealth only because the people of a nation, or a community, agree that it does.

If no one accepted the currency (e.g. a french franc, or an american dollar) in exchange for REAL wealth--which is the product of human LABOR--the currency would be worthless.

Unfortunately, these French youth DO NOT REALIZE that their productive power IS their wealth;

THEY DO NOT REALIZE that they don't need the french government to give them wealth (currency); though that is what they attempt to demand through destructive energy.

Our wealth is in our labor and energies. We just need to work together strategically to utilize it and benefit from it through a new interest-free system of exchange.


At Tuesday, November 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you might find these articles interesting, given the current threat of US aggression towards Syria.



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