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Federal Reserve Bank potential TERRORIST (target)

But, don't tell anyone!

Helena's Police Chief, Troy Mcgee, just got permission to release specifics about the $50,000 grant awarded to the Helena PD to help protect the Montana Fed.

But, that doesn't mean the coast is clear, you hear? Don't tell a soul!

Troy's gonna use that money to buy them there goggles, a high-tech video camera, and maybe an ipod, for Christmas.

Troy came up with the crazy idea to apply for a grant after some local representatives from the Department of Homeland Security put it in his head.

They overheard some locals at the bar complaining about the FED increasing interest rates and they knew, right then and there, that the Fed up the street was at risk.

But, keep it to yourself, you hear!

The language of the grant says that the grant recipient can't identify the location that requires additional protection, or else he has to return the money.

Now, you KNOW Troy doesn't want to do that!

The Feds agreed to allow Troy to release the information. But, you know them Feds; can't be trusted!


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