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Someone's Bluffing

Speaking ahead of Tuesday's meeting in Paris, Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns told CNN that backing from France, Britain and Germany would see the implementation of a key U.N. resolution.

"I think you will see a serious Chapter 7 resolution emerge in the next couple of days at the United Nations," [US Undersecretary of State , Nicholas Burns] said.

A resolution under the U.N. Charter's Chapter 7 makes any demands mandatory and paves the way for the use of sanctions and possibly force.

"I think the process would be a Chapter 7 resolution that would ask the Iranians to suspend their nuclear program. If Iran does not comply with that then I think it is inevitable that you'll see an effort for a sanctions resolution to follow probably in a month or so."

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But Iran's foreign minister was quoted on Tuesday as saying that Russia and China had officially informed Tehran they would not back sanctions or military action over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

"The thing these two countries have officially told us and expressed in diplomatic negotiations is their opposition to sanctions and military attacks," Manouchehr Mottaki told the Kayhan newspaper, according to the Reuters news service.

"At the current juncture, I personally believe no sanctions or anything like that will be on the agenda of the Security Council," he said in the interview.

Unless Russia and China lied to Iran or plan on both abstaining from a Chapter VII vote, Mottaki and Burns can't both be right!


At Tuesday, May 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reality Behind Charade: Same Old Fed
(Mighty Thor, 2 May 06)

The problematic truth seems to be Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see JBS.org) has connections in both Russia and China and could easily be lying upon instructions fm CFR sources, most likely, a crass legalistic charade. Note Mammon empire continues to prosecute Orwellian "Perpetual war...," present operating procedure.

CONCLUSION: Target then must remain Fed counterfeiting instrument (Federal Reserve Bank) behind the war machinery. More abstractly and aesthetically there needs be RATIONALIZATION for large culture, hence more effective antisemitism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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