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Making some changes

Sorry, we're making some changes at the other site.

We should be back up shortly.

Thanks, for your patience.


In fact, there are a number of issues with the other site, at the moment.

I can see that more than a few readers have come here instead.

Please, leave comments with any bugs that you noticed on the other site so that we can address them.

So far, I've noticed that comments don't work and more than one person has been unable to register. You should be able to read the posts, however.

It's good that we can communicate here, for the time being.

Thanks, for your patience.



At Sunday, January 07, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to comment on something I've been hearing a lot on the news the last few years, and that Radiowave mentioned in his last comment as well: that Arab Muslims are killing and raping Black Muslims in Darfur. I always found it hard to believe.

Then I watched a detailed documentary on Darfur, including footage of the people doing the killing. It turns out that it's really tribal warfare, Blacks killing Blacks, similar to what happened in Rwanda and Zaire. Arabs don't even live in Southwestern Sudan.

"Arabs killing Blacks" is just a nasty lie that Zionists have been using in the media to promote hatred against Arabs.


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