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"Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."

State of Israel
Levied savage attack on
Freedom Flotilla ship and slaughtered over a dozen peace activists
That, in bitter irony, sailed to commemorate USS Liberty
When that day on June 8, 1967
Dozens of sailors were massacred and hundreds maimed
By Israeli forces, air and sea

The fateful event of the deliberate destruction of USS Liberty and her brave men
Seals the deal with the blood-thirsty Rogue State
United States of America, controlled by traitors at the highest levels
President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Robert McNamara, and Navy Admiral John McCain Senior
Conspired to cover up the horrific incident
In alliance with the raving mad State of Israel
The plan failed phenomenally, fortunately,
And unfortunately (for traitors and murderers), egregious in failure to escalate expansive warfare by Uncle Sam's propensity for mass destruction in might and revenge
The plan to sink USS Liberty failed fortuitously and spectacularly, for she refused
To surrender her battered heart of engine and body of steel in enduring temporary sacrifice and courage
The corrupt U.S., awed by Israel's violence, conspired to raise the False Flag and scream "Bloody Murder! War! Destroy the Enemy!"
To war against Egypt and other Pan-Arabic nations
Catastrophe history averted
Because USS Liberty never sank and took men with her to the bottom
In black death and sorrowful tragedy
Made worse by being expedient by Uncle Sam, a Zionist crusader

LBJ, McNamara, and McCain traitorously allied with State of Israel
To complete and finalize the control of United States of America
The international Jews achieved its ultimate agenda since Protocols of the Elders of Zion commenced decades prior
To hijack the nations deceived by the shrill wails of the Holocaust
And usurp Western civilization to enable the mythical monster Golem
To attack Islamic and Pan-Arabic nations that defiantly resist Zionist plague

Israeli General Moshe Dayan, an iconic eye-patched Zionist hero to murderous comrades, boasted,
"Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother...."
State of Israel's savage attack on Freedom Flotilla
Sends the message to the world, in prideful defiance as a rogue state that never abide by international rules and treaties
"Bring it on; dare to breach our territory we have thieved by our violence and lies....
You shall see prowess of fearsome destruction....
Kneel and obey our commands not to interfere with our affairs as Israel is our rightful homeland, or
You will perish by assassination and inferno!"

State of Israel have controlled United States of America, Great Britain, France, Europe, and Australia...
And exploited Germany & United States by extortion and fraud for (monetary) repatriation to erect the illegitimate state
And arm Israel to the teeth with nuclear submarines made in Germany and military hardware made in America

After trillions of tax money and repatriation extorted, State of Israel swells with pride
It is the ultimate terror hub of the world
As the principal designer of 9-11 and engineer of Kennedy assassination
It is the possessor of nuclear warhead arsenal
To blackmail the civilized world

State of Israel care for nothing but absolute and despotic power of International Jewry
To dominate the world by awe-inspiring force
Hitler, however ambitious, never realized a thousand-year reich
Germany was destroyed by the Allied forces with Stalin's Communist onslaught
Germany nullified by eradication of Teutonic blood, and the myth of Six Million Jews perpetrated

This is the true nature of Communism, which is extension of International Jewry's dominating influence
Ushering in the Great Plague of Zionism and New Global Order

The Mad Bull Dog of State of Israel, free of collar chain, barks with turbulent decibel roar of hatred and contempt
At the humankind of Western Civilization and the world at large
"You undermine Israel's right to existence, and we will retaliate
With violence and oppression -- unveil new Holocaust against you, anti-Semites of this planet which we occupy thanks to you stupid Goyim....
Listen with tremble in your heart at our prowess of Zionist power...
Hear us out; fear and respect our strength!
Greater Israel is our destiny to make!
(Never again!)"


At Monday, May 31, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 days 'till the beginning of the so called 6 day war, 43 years ago.

..and they attack so rabbidly at sea!

I wonder if they make their battle plans by rolling dice, or consulting the ouija board?

At Monday, May 31, 2010, Blogger musique said...

that's a very good question, grim. even satan will fail miserably when it comes to outrunning the talmudic bastard 666nation. These cold hearted bastards do whatever their black hole desire.

At Monday, May 31, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Monday, May 31, 2010, Blogger Unknown said...



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