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Polish NATO Troops Blow Up Afghan Home For Fun!

Translated from Polish with www.translatica.pl

08/13 - Polish soldiers blew the vacated Afghan cottage up. – it was for fun – one of servicemen is saying

„ beautifully (...) Cottage of the Winnie-the-Pooh dir... [laughter] ” – are heard on the album which she reached „ Rz ”.

It is a three-minute film. At first one can see left Afghan buildings, then moment of dropping one of cottages off and Polish soldiers. Also their commentaries are heard.

He stayed recorded, when on this mission the VI change of the Polish quota travelled, that is between October 2009 r. and with April 2010 r.

– it was done for fun – is saying „ Rz ” one of non-commissioned officers serving then in Afghanistan.

He is emphasizing that near empty buildings it was more. – most probably these are remains all over the Afghan village – is admitting

About this matter the VI commander of the change didn't know the Gen. Janusz Bronowicz, the boss of the armour and the mechanized army. – I know that there were a cave dropped off, in which explosives were found and grenades, but I am knowing nothing about no cottage or other building – is marking.

He is emphasizing that such a behaviour should severely be punished: – if that's true, it is unforgivable and inadmissible.

Blowing the civilian building up is breaking international conventions, among others Geneva.

– a ban on attacking civilian buildings is a basis of the international law. Irrespective of, whether he is worth million of dollars, whether is a neglected cottage – is saying „ Rz ” Dr. Elżbieta Mikos-Skuza, vice-chairman of the Polish Red Cross, expert of the humanitarian law.

What responsibility can threaten by it? – according to the domestic law. In this case Polish regulations of destroying possessions are applicable – is saying Mikos-Skuza.

Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak is appalled at a matter, they were commander of the army. – it is possible to blow such a building up only where justified, e.g. in the training purpose at the approval of local authorities – is explaining.

But there is still one problem. From photographs which she reached „ Rz ”, it results that for blowing the cottage up they used the ammunition applied in cannon installed on armoured personnel carriers Wolverine.

On these photographs one can see the smiling young woman serving as the sapper which is placing the ammunition in the cottage and found unexploded bombs.

– the ammunition to the wolverine is very expensive. I am not imagining so that we can afford such a waste – Gen. Skrzypczak is indignant.

According to the Inspectorate of supporting military forces one such a bullet depending on the kind costs from 600 up to 1400 zloty.

– it happened, that of composition an efficient ammunition was being taken and fireworks were being done – is talking „ Rz ” one of ordinary soldiers, serving in Afghanistan during the VI change. About such cases still during the service Gen. Bronowicz inquired at Afghanistan. And informed law enforcement bodies of it.

From a few months in the matter of destroying the ammunition a Military Garrison prosecutor's office is carrying out an investigation in Warsaw. From arrangements „ Rz ” it results that examining magistrates have evidence for destroying the worth ammunition about 400 tys. zloty.

So far in this matter they brought charges for three soldiers, in it against the warrant officer for Mariusz D., for commander of one of platoons of the VI change. He is threatening everyone up to eight years of the prison. Also a film is in materials of the investigation from blowing the Afghan cottage up.

Whether the prosecutor's office is doing and with this case? „ in the course of conducted criminal proceedings prosecutors are studying all available motifs ” – wrote in the writing to „ Rz ” Col Zbigniew Turnip from the Chief Military prosecutor's office. He emphasized that the investigation was multi-layered, and the prosecutor's office has the rich evidence.

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