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Another Eid under Siege

MEMO - Palestinians in Gaza are preparing for yet another 'Eid al-Fitr under siege. Preparations have begun for families to make the most out of what they have for the celebration, which this year coincides with the new academic school year. Parents and guardians are rushing around trying to ensure that their children have the best possible in terms of uniform, school equipment and books.

The illegal siege and the crippling affect it has on employment and the tremendous poverty that engulfs every Palestinian in Gaza continues to eat away at any chance of basic living standards. According to a report issued by the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce, approximately two hundred thousand workers in the Gaza Strip are now in the ranks of the unemployed who are caring for hundreds of thousands of families, while the percentage of poverty hovers at 80%.

This year to help make their 'Eid celebrations as comfortable as possible women are trading their family heirlooms of gold and jewels due to the lack of money. The mere struggle to celebrate 'Eid al-Fitr casts a shadow over these preparations, but as always, the Palestinian spirit is strong and unbreakable. Let’s hope they have a blessed 'Eid and many more to come.


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