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Detainees in PA jails tortured,
interrogated by lsraeli officers

WEST BANK, (PIC)-- lsraeli intelligence officers are participating in the interrogation of Palestinian detainees held in West Bank prisons, the committee of relatives of detainees said in a statement on Thursday.

It noted in a statement that senior Israeli officers from Maskobeh, Askalan, Petah Tikwa, and Jalama were directly supervising the investigations with the Palestinian detainees in Al-Khalil, Nablus, and Ramallah jails.

The statement also noted that torture rounds against those detainees were on the rise, noting that 32 of the detainees were carried to hospital since the start of Ramadan due to the deterioration of their health conditions as a result of the brutal torture exercised against them.

It said that 920 Palestinians were kidnapped at the hand of the Fatah-controlled authority in Ramallah since the start of Ramadan including 780 who were abducted following Al-Khalil and Ramallah attacks. Most of them are still in custody, the statement said.

For his part, Abu Ahmed, the spokesman of the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, said that the Fatah authority in Ramallah was a replica of the Karzai regime in Kabul.

He lashed out at the Ramallah authority for intensifying arrest campaign of freedom fighters in the West Bank, adding that the campaign was more difficult than that of occupation.

The spokesman supported the recent attacks in Ramallah and Al-Khalil, describing them as "qualitative" and constituted a big "shock" for the "Zionist enemy and its intelligence apparatuses".


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