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Greek commandos board Gaza-bound aid ship

ATHENS (DPA) -- Greek commandos boarded a Gaza-bound aid ship on Friday in the country's main harbour of Pireaus amid an apparent dispute between the ship's captain and the aid group over money, media reports in Athens said.

The 10 British aid workers from the Road to Hope organisation in London said they were being treated like terror suspects by the Greek commandos.

The organisation said the Maltese-flagged ship, Strofades IV, with 16 crew members was originally supposed to sail from Libya to El Raidin Egypt with the aid then to be transported via land route to Gaza.

But following an argument between the ship's Greek captain and an Egyptian broker, the aid group's cargo and nearly 70 other volunteers were left behind in Libya and the ship sailed to Pireaus instead.

The volunteers said the captain feared the agent would not pay him the $90,000 fee for the voyage to Gaza.

The Greek Ministry of Citizens Protection said the ship's owners are the Pireaus-based Ionion Bridge Shipping Management.

Ministry officials said all those on board the vessel were in good health


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