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A reply to one of my comments on Why Is France Burning?

RE: Yes, interest is the problem--and Islamic banking forbids it, which is why...
Posted by: Andy Lee Parker on Nov 10, 2005 7:30 PM [see Why Is France Burning?]
"You are so right about the interest system. But you don't propose any alternatives. There are mutual funds that invest only in enterprises that don't involve usury--we can't merely oppose something, we have to invest in its opposite to have any effect.

One such mutual fund is AMANA, AMANX on the NYSE, and it has recieved a five star rating from Morningstar for performance. I urge all Americans who want to wrest the power of the life and death of humanity from usurers and oil barons to invest in such funds and in alternative energy sources.

If they don't have investment and funding, they can't keep expanding. The only way profits can be guaranteed is if the process is rigged, like the murders in Nigeria and all other places where oil interests have installed murderous dictatorships so that American investors can keep getting guaranteed dividends. Anyone collecting these dividends are murderers by proxy.

Sounds harsh and extreme, I know, but then, extreme measures are in order if we want to rescue humanity, or even the planet we live on and the precious few drops of unpolluted drinking water that remains. Soon, there will be none left, even in other countries, for companies like Bechtel to steal by force and then sell on the 'free market'."

Thank you, Andy, for pointing out one alternative. There are other alternatives, linked in my sidebar; The presentation (2.6 MB) Innovation: Regional Currencies given by Margrit Kennedy at the "Doors of Perception Conference" in New Dehli, India in March 2005 is available here in PDF.

Whichever alternative is best, one thing is clear, the current privately owned interest-based system is unsustainable and utterly incompatible with freedom.


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