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New Look

In case you haven't noticed, we've got a new look.

We (vper1 and I) worked all day yesterday to make it easier on the eyes to read the truth.

We got rid of most of the type-styling that was necessary just to recognize the words against a black background. There are isolated pages we haven't reached yet. If you see one, let us know!

Otherwise, we welcome comments, suggestions, and criticism.

Many thanks, vper1!

And, thanks to readers who make it worth the work!


At Thursday, December 22, 2005, Anonymous Doc said...

I like the new look! I think you hit the sweet spot.

At Thursday, December 22, 2005, Blogger Jeff G said...

Nice job. Much easier on the eyes. Kudos!

At Thursday, December 22, 2005, Anonymous drac said...

yea, much nicer. easier to read on my pocket pc

At Thursday, December 22, 2005, Anonymous BB said...

Hey, what happened to the hyperlinked title?
Looks nice BTW. Keep up the great work!

At Thursday, December 22, 2005, Blogger vper1 said...

Hi bb, on all permalink pages you should now notice the "Home" link located to the left of the date. If not, try refreshing the page as this change was recent.

Small tweaks are still being made, your input is greatly appreciated.


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