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Corporate criminals at red Citigroup steal from the elderly!

So while the police busy themselves chasing down pot smokers, meanwhile off in Rhode Island, over a period of 10 years corporate terrorist Citigroup's Scott Lyons was off cheating and stealing money from Citigroup's elderly customers. His father corporate terrorist Kenneth Lyons was also engaged in the scam for 6 years. It gets even uglier though. Evidence indicates that Citigroup knew about this scam for years and had received numerous complaints and did nothing to stop it.
For more outrage, including regarding the lack of punishment for these corporate terrorists read on below....

So what exactly did Scott Lyons do:
"State regulators said the elder Lyons sold the home and furnishings of one elderly client, then allegedly forged documents allowing him to benefit from annuities he had sold her.Scott Lyons is accused of repeatedly making unauthorized trades in his customers' accounts.Beside those trades, regulators said the younger Lyons transferred $47,500 from customer accounts into his personal credit union account, regulators said" (info from :http://www.boston.com/...)
This isn't just about corporate terrorist Scott Lyons though, or Kenneth Lyons (his father) who engaged in similar scams. Citigroup received numerous complaints and ignored them. This directly benefitted Citigroup. In fact according to Boston.com, not only did the investigation raise concerns about oversight in the Newport office where the Lyons worked, but every office of Citigroup's in the state of Rhode Island. So this isn't just about two corporate terrorist bankers, it is about a whole corporate terrorist company that will screw grandma and grandpa if it gives them a few extra bucks.
The breaking news within the past month was that Shitigroup paid a fine of 1 million dollars. Wow! A whole 1 million dollars for a 43 billion dollar company! It is sad how this country undervalues our elderly. Evil executives and Bu$hco people walking around freely, stealing from you, me, and grandma too. Wow! I bet if grandma, robbed a Citibank they would stick her in jail for the rest of her life.
Where is the &%^$# is the MSM on this! Let's see this was mentioned in a few local papers and Inner City Presses Citigroup watch (http://www.innercitypress.org/...). We have to take the presses back from the corporate terrorist bankers!
So what happened to these corporate terrorists. Well given, the MSM's lack of coverage I can't even find out directly what happened to them. According to everything I have read they do sound like they are roaming around freely, although neither are now working for Citigroup anymore. So if Scott or Kenneth Lyons is getting to close to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great-grandma, etc. call the police and tell them that they are smoking pot (so the police actually bother to show up). It's time to start treating corporate criminals like the criminals they are.


At Tuesday, January 10, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Welcome, tri!


At Wednesday, January 11, 2006, Blogger AJ said...

Excellent article.
I can't begin to say how disgusted I am with the corporate commodity/trading thiefs.
One reason I stopped investing/trading was the audaciousness of their evil actions.
I amazes me that Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling are still alive.

At Thursday, January 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical 'justice'.

The government imposes fines without
requiring the thief to reimburse the victims they stole from, the government is just getting a cut in the action!

In effect the government is stealing from the victims.


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