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They say POWER corrupts

Evo Morales proves that it does not. Shortly after winning the Bolivian presidency in a landslide election, Morales reduced his own salary by 57%, to US $1800 per month.

Apparently, the age old saying that power corrupts is either not true, or does not apply to Morales.

Although, clearly it does not apply to Morales. I would also argue that the saying is not true. It's a cynical and demoralizing statement that discourages people from expecting more from their leaders. I remain convinced that power may attract corruption, but it does not cause it.

Once corrupt, always corrupt. But, if a man is honest, modest, and sincerely cares for people other than himself, no amount of power will corrupt his integrity and his values. That's not to say that he may not err, or that at times his courage may not falter. But, if it does it will not be because he lacks integrity.

Wall Street's hopes that Morales might "embrac[e] orthodox fiscal policy" just went up in a ball of flames.

Ah, if only we had a president as modest, as down to earth, and as dedicated to his people as Morales.


At Thursday, February 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Dune series Frank Herbert says something like "Power does not corrupt, it attracts the corruptible."

It's a good series of books that I would recommend to anyone.


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