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Citibank celebrates 25 years of hating women

"The chief executive of Citigroup said Wednesday that the move of its credit card operations to South Dakota 25 years ago saved Citibank...That was before then-Gov. Bill Janklow and Citicorp executive Charlie Long made a handshake deal to bring Citibank's credit card operations to Sioux Falls".
It gets worse. You read that right the corporate terrorist executive at Shitibank is bragging about getting in bed and whoring to the state that believes that women should not be able to control their own bodies.

If you are a woman, Citibank is selling your right to do what you want with your own body. We have been sold out by the corporate terrorists and rich white male control freak Rethugs and Democraps. Congress is not just whoring themselves to Citigroup, they are the madam and they are putting all women on sale.


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