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Game Theory

Gordon Levy, star reporter of Ha'aretz (a leading Israeli newspaper), has rationally analyzed the docile lapdog reaction of Western governments to follow Israel's irrational policies blindly.

Trying to subvert the democratically elected and popular and honest Hamas was a failed mission from the outset. Such is the power of truth - it cuts across all pretentions:


At Saturday, May 20, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

Excellent catch!

I especially like this passage:

"Now the world needs to pause for a moment and ask itself, how come one small country can make a mockery of it in this way and cause great powers to act in such an unintelligent way? Anyone who examines the decision by the Quartet to boycott the Hamas government cannot but wonder where Israel gets the power to squeeze out more and more decisions that are contrary to the international interest and, in fact, to its own interests. The world, which is not interested in a humanitarian disaster in Rafah, should have immediately rejected the Israeli demand to stop transferring aid to the territories, instead of being dragged into this farce that has not yet ended. Will Israel's imagined diplomatic strength serve it in the long term? Certainly not. The day will come when the world will tire of the unnecessary games Israel and the United States force upon it."


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