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Iran is NOT Iraq

[Iran is not Iraq.] Bush is making a monumental error that could dramatically reshape the global power-structure. That’s why core members of the American ruling-elite, like Brzezinski, Albright, Odom and Holbrook, have all spoken out against any plan of attack.

These are not limp-wristed liberals who hesitate to use military force if America’s interests are at stake. These are hard-edged Machiavellians skilled in the bare-knuckle methods of maintaining the empire. Brzezinski is so alarmed by the reckless misuse of the military that he’s composed more articles lately than Tom Friedman. Bush’s blinkered strategy for Iran portends tragedy and, potentially, a global realignment against America.
Not One Drop by Mike Whitney is a must read.

Remember, Spot the Rogue? Well, we're it.

And the ruling elite will take us down to save their empire.


At Friday, May 05, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

Iran: Most Expedient Charade For Oligarchs
(Mighty Thor, 5 May 06)

Qrswave, u're attempting to sell a premise which doesn't fly: BUSH II IS NOT HIS OWN MAN; he strictly follows instructions (fm CFR, Council on Foreign Relations--see JBS.org), that's all.

U pretend to a "mystery" which doesn't exist. Only question is how will Iran attack enhance position of CFR? Present Iran terror is mere CFR charade. CFR already has Orwellian "perpetual war."

And all Zbigniew Zbrezinski, another keen and accomplished CFR operative, does is to shill the pretended alternative, "antithesis" for a phony false dichotomy decoy, serving CFR interests.

CFR would unleash nuclear war as diversionary escape mechanism in a heartbeat, without doubt, but surely only as last resort which they don't have to attempt just yet, though it's still useful terror instrument-producer.

CONCLUSION: I suspect CFR considers there's still "consumer confidence" to be enjoyed and exploited. It doesn't matter anyway as Spenglerian "Decline of the West" must play itself out for inevitable end, we patriots resisting tyranny all the while as humanly possible. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Thor


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