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America and Israel - a troubling alliance

Outstanding ad in today's NYT (PDF) seeks realignment of US-Israel alliance.

Amazing accomplishment.

Maybe we'll see some much needed change on the horizon, re: this miserable conflict.


At Sunday, July 02, 2006, Blogger Akber said...

The writing is on the wall. A hypothesis I forwarded a while ago that the Israeli 'withdrawal', land grab, wall, setting unilateral boundaries etc., is a realization of the inevitable withdrawal of support from the US and the world community.

The focus should be on the reversal of the lopsided ethnic cleansing and the return of Europeans and Americans who have emigrated to Palestine to augment Israel. That will not kill Israel, but reduced it to its true size and make it talk, instead of the belligerent mutant it currently is.

At Sunday, July 02, 2006, Anonymous Mighty Thor said...

We Need Serious Analysis, Revolution, Not Slogans
(Mighty Thor, 2 Jul 06)

"The writing is on the wall"--Akber, what are u talking about? I submit nothing, absolutely nothing, will change without removal of such as Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam. And such removal ain't gonna happen too soon, not until there's such a tremendous cultural sea-change and revolution to take place in USA.

The "Jews-media" ad reference for this blog in Jew York Times means absolutely nothing but waste of money paid to Jews who laugh and say thanks a lot for the loot.

Observe website, TheLawThatNeverWas.com, wherein it is shown 16th and 17th amendments to US Constitution were never ratified, yet declared nonetheless to be "in effect." (Then there are other problems yet as with 14th ammendment.)

We're now in midst of Orwellian "perpetual war" and the Judeo-oligarchal murderers of 9-11 continue striving desperately to keep a step ahead of the people.

So when u consider the amazing subjectivist state of ignorance so many folk presently sustain regarding such as 17th Amendment, u see both how hard and easy it can be to affect popular mentality.

And who is the regime?--try the "Neo-con" Jews and oligarchs who presently run things and intend to continue CLAMPING DOWN.

"The writing is on the wall"--is too fatuous. If u mean writing is on "wall" for demise of Israeli catspaws for Judeo-oligarchs of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see TheNewAmerican.com), I disagree. Israeli Jews would pull down the CFR Jews before ever giving up. Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith and so many other "neo-cons" are also well represented in Bilderberg. (And I wonder why there is no mention of such Bilderberg conspiracy in these blogs?)

"International community" is another brainless phrase of purest fatuity--what in the world are u talking about, Akber?--the dupes and flunkies of the CFR?

Akber, if u're best Palestinians can do for sympathizer and ally, those poor folks are in a world of trouble. Good thing there's someone like qrswave who tries to understand the real dynamics (political, historical, and sociologic) which are quite theological, having to do with basic metaphysical viewpoints upon reality, like Jew lies and subjectivity versus Western objectivity and science.

Judeo-oligarchs, led by "neo-cons," are consolidating big brother here in USA, where there are million of Jew would-be commissars, fostering for example literal invasion of enemy races across US borders, esp. southern. Thus u see "perp. war" conducted simultaneously here in USA as in Iraq and Afgan. American people need to take notice.

In general, people must take up more serious rationalism, hence then real Christian antisemitism, no Christianity without this necessary antisemitism. Reversion of USA to close equivalent of original Articles of Confederation is also urgently necessary and indicated.

CONCLUSION: "Writing is on wall"?--it's just platitudinous graffitti on fishwrap and more brainless, useless diversion. We need real, meaningful nationalistic-type revolution, serious antisemitism, honest elections, and death to the Fed. Thor

At Sunday, July 02, 2006, Anonymous jewtopian said...


I better go call my international Jewish bankers. I mean we all know them. oh and the Rothschilds and I are best friends forever.

go boil your head. it needs disinfection.


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