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Muslim Brit admits to bomb plot - TWO YEARS later

A Briton arrested amid a massive U.S. security alert two years ago admitted in a London court on Thursday to plotting to blow up the New York Stock Exchange and carry out "dirty bomb" attacks in Britain.
On can only wonder how much 'coaxing' they 'squeezed in' during those TWO years.
Dhiren Barot, a Muslim convert, admitted to plotting to blow up the stock exchange and other U.S. financial hubs including the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Citigroup and Prudential in Washington, New Jersey and New York.

"Explosions at these premises were clearly designed to kill as many people as possible", said prosecuting lawyer Edmund Lawson.

Amid tight security at Woolwich Crown Court, Barot pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder and prosecutors outlined the details of his confession.

He admitted planning strikes on unspecified British targets in a conspiracy called the "Gas Limos Project", which "involved parking three limos with gas cylinders with explosives and detonating them in underground carparks," Lawson said.

Barot admitted another plan to detonate at least one "dirty bomb" contaminated with radiological material in Britain. The prosecution said Barot claimed the dirty bomb was not designed to kill but "rather to cause injury, fear terror and chaos".

Wow - three limos full of explosives, at least one dirty bomb - he even gave the whole sinister plan an ominous name - "GAS LIMOS PROJECT."

This guy's plot must have been well-funded, intricate, and advanced.

The plans did not seem to have reached an advanced stage. The prosecution said it accepted Barot's assertion that NO FUNDING, VEHICLES or BOMB MAKING EQUIPMENT had been in place.

"We are happy to confirm that because it's a true statement of fact," said Lawson.

Sound familiar?

Meanwhile, the biggest haul of explosives ever found in Britian still goes unreported.

What a joke.


At Thursday, October 12, 2006, Blogger Tom Paine said...

So what's your point? Why has he admitted it?

At Thursday, October 12, 2006, Blogger qrswave said...

You're so unimaginative - it's no wonder you support Israel.

At Thursday, October 12, 2006, Blogger Mike said...

It's amazing that such a large segment of the population can take the politicians' version of reality at face value despite so much historical record to the contrary. I find it very hard to discern sometimes when a politician is blatently lying and when they themselves are caught up in a broken socio-political-economic system of "following the money", so to speak. In some ways it seems that the further up a power structure someone goes, the less control they feel like they have over their own actions, despite the illusion of being in a position of extreme power. It just doesn't seem like the concept of an honest politician working for the people is even possible under our current forms of government.

In some ways it seems like the best we can do now is educate ourselves and be aware and perhaps still be alive when this system comes crashing down.

At Saturday, January 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poliferation exposing the Bush plots can be accomplished by replying to emails placed mostly in bulk files. Every American Citizen needs to know, what afflicts the US. Most Americans are ignorant of the nefarious plans of our leaders

At Saturday, January 06, 2007, Blogger qrswave said...

Hey HJ thanks for your comment.

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