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Vote EARLY! GOP stages surprise attack!

Always up to no good - these guys are relentless.

My friend was present as a group of Moderate GOP members with Ohio ties lamented how far the party had strayed. There was consensus at the table there was no way they should retain control. The table conversation began with the assumption they party would lose control in this election. The moderates started planning how to take back control of the GOP from the extremists.

Then, one insider, probably an extremist, but certainly very close to Mr. Ken Mehlman, abruptly stopped the conversation. He told table that it was impossible they would lose either house.

He also predicts an Ohio GOP sweep.

* * *

He informed the group that over the last year, in four critical states the GOP needs to hold, huge purges of the voter rolls have just been finished.

The insider did not say which four states, but did say Ohio was among them.

His claim was a new Diebold voter registry system had been installed over the last year. The last week of July and the first week of August, a "test run" was made of the systems ability to purge ineligable voters. The purge generated names and test letters sent out to 1.2 million Ohio addresses with a focus on University's, Apartment addresses with high turnover. He claims they made the letters seem just functionary, but they have an action component to avoid being purged from the rolls.

The Insider warmed and said that Blackwell was brilliant in how he did this. The letter went on for a long time about changes in Ohio voting and security and suggested people who might have any concerns about their voting status could come by county offices and confirm their continued voting eligability before election day.

He further added, that since it was conducted as a "test," they only sent letters to a limited number of suspect addresses and "I suspect Blackwell chose criteria very very favorable for us."

Further the insider stated that Blackwell had only purged the lists after a full 60 days was given for people to respond. Which means even if a voter was on the "termination" list, they would still have been eligable to vote in the primary.

He told they table they believe the purge has probably caught up "hundreds of thousands of students, activists and wanderers with no real job" [who] would show up at the polls and have to vote provisionally.

He predicted to the table that tens of thousands of voters will show up on election day, and once the provisionals are used up will simply not be able to [vote] at all.

He also said that this "operation" (The Insiders word, my friend was specific about this) had turned up a lot of additional fascinating information including a number of Democrats in elected office who are registered to vote in several places, and they may explore how to use this information against them.

I am going to assume, Mr. Blackwell's "test" purge went to no-one registered GOP. His criteria is something I am trying to get a copy of now.

* * *


* * *

This Blackwell discovery of Mr. Strickland is actually "by-catch" of the much larger net thrown to eliminate hundred of thousands of democrats from the voting rolls.


Get to your election boards, bring all the documentation you can.

Demand a paper absentee ballot.

Alert EVEYRONE you know in Ohio.



Thanks, KStreetProjector and thanks, bob


At Thursday, October 19, 2006, Blogger bobw said...

Also, write to the Democratic senator in your own state, if you have one, and demand that they investigate and expose this.

At Thursday, October 19, 2006, Blogger Unknown said...

Both the Democrats and Republicans are pro war.

Whatreallyhappened.com has been compiling a list with "anti-war" candidates

Some of those on the list are against the iraq war but support the war in afghanistan.

For example:
"The war on terror is not in Iraq, but is - and always has been - in Afghanistan. "

"The US also needs to refocus on the stabilization of Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban and al-Qaida from regaining power in this destabilized region."

Most of 'them' are not against the unjust wars. Just against losing them.

At Thursday, October 19, 2006, Blogger Joe said...

Anyone with half a brain has to find it highly disturbing how confident a lot of the GOP are in winning next month, despite all the scandals and polls that imply they're about to get the biggest whoppin' in their history.

I'm expecting a few big wigs to "take one for the team" so it doesn't look like a clean sweep, but they'll just be replaced with another suit that'll continue the GOP agenda under the guise of being a democrat or independent.


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