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What happened to WUFYS???

If you're here, then you know that the other site has disappeared.

According to the host, our site causes their servers too much downtime. So they've given us eviction notice and WUFYS must find another home.

So that's why it's taking us so long to get back up - we're homeless.

Any suggestions or recommendations for a new hosting site would be greatly appreciated.

WUFYS is too important to go down into the night.

To all those who have written to me expressing your concerns, thanks.

To everyone who has contributed over the years...don't worry - hopefully your work is safe. If we lost anything it was the more recent posts. :( sorry - these things happen, it goes with the territory.

To everyone who loves WUFYS and has come to rely on it as a place to turn to when the shit hits the fan...don't worry, we'll be back.

In the meantime, feel free to post here at blogspot. Write me at qrswave@yahoo.com if you want access.


At Saturday, February 21, 2009, Blogger Ron Paul Guy said...

It would be difficult to get a webhost for the kind of stuff you have to post. Most web hosting firms would decline to accommodate this site.

If the server load is too much, you could remove some plugins and scripts that are heavy on CPU processing power.

Or you could upgrade to a dedicated server. That way you could get a lot more resources. Funding would become problematic though...

I hope you find a new webhost quickly. All the Best...

At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Wasn't Bluehost the same bunch of sniveling cowards that booted Judicial Inc and forced JI to find another site host?

WUFYS got booted for violations of the "Thought Crime Act," not some BS about using up too much space on the servers.

At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Rowan Berkeley said...

yeah, well ... it's nice to know you're still alive and kicking, qrswave. keep on truckin'.

At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

WUFYS got booted from Bluehost because BH are notorious for overselling their servers and WUFYS used more server resources than pathetic amount that BH allow. Not for any other reason than that. If they had booted us for any other reason, they wouldn't be shy about letting us know.

At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Maybe Bluehost did drop WUFYS for taking up too much server space.

But until I see the list of those they've dropped for taking up too much server space, I'll stick to my original assumption.

Here's a live chat I just had with Bluehost:

Web Site: Bluehost Department: Sales

Light M. [9:38:17 AM]: Hello how are you today?

FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [9:38:17 AM]: One of my favorite sites, Wake Up from Your Slumber, has been dropped by Bluehost for some reason. Were they dropped for political reasons or something else?

Light M. [9:38:29 AM]: What is the domain name

FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [9:39:10 AM]: http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/

Light M. [9:40:35 AM]: They had an issue with there Databases and were not able to code them properly to prevent them from using a high amount of resources

[9:40:41 AM]: We had to terminate there hosting fror that reason


At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Bluehost can handle these loads, but not WUFYS?

Our experience with Bluehost has been exceptional. We run a multi-player online roleplaying game, and bluehost handles the heavy load with few problems, those minor issues that we have had were not only solved to our satisfaction, but quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, as a game owner, disgruntled players can often get nasty, and complain to the host. Unlike our former host, bluehost handles these situations professionally, bearing in mind who's paying the bills. It gives us a GREAT feeling of comfort knowing we will not lose our account (and our livelyhood) because some teen-ager had his starship destroyed in our game, as happened with our previous host. GO BLUEHOST!

Arch and Tejas

We were looking for a host for our new podcast, and BlueHost came highly recommended by a number of other podcasters and bloggers. Setup of our podcast using the valuable tools that came the account took just a few hours, including launching our entire podcast website! We used Fantastico to auto-install WordPress, which makes hosting a blog/podcast site easy to setup and maintain.

Lee Raney
Christian.com Media Group, Inc.
BlueHost website: Podcast.Christian.com

My primary site is as-seen-on-tv-factory-direct.com. This is an affiliate site that's primary purpose is for eCommerce. I need a reliable hosting service to keep this site up 24 hours / 7 days a week. I chose bluehost based on price & features. I always use Linux servers with Apache web servers. I also require PHP, POP mail, SSL, Frontpage extensions, FTP access, and access to raw log files. Bluehost has it all and at a good price.


At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...


At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Some have suggested that the glowing reviews of Bluehost originate from Bluehost. I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't put it past them. All I know is that box 217 (our BH server) was way oversubscribed, and I suspect many others are too.

Check out the comments on this..

and then cast your eye over this...

At Monday, February 23, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Sorry, the last link was incorrect. The one I had intended on sending was http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=552347

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