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Obama to Force Israel to Allow Inspections of Dimona Nuclear Facility

That is, as soon as he gives up on life altogether and begins considering his options, which might include a dignified euthanasia, a hunting trip with Dick Cheney, announcing the abolition of the Federal Reserve, or as Haaretz has suggested, pressuring Israel to open the doors of Dimona to weapons inspectors.

Last Sunday, Jim Hoagland, who writes a column on foreign affairs in The Washington Post, wrote that Obama should learn from president John F. Kennedy and call for worldwide nuclear disarmament. Hoagland's columns generally express the consensus of the U.S. foreign affairs establishment. Kennedy was the last American president to have tried to stop the Israeli nuclear project. He threatened that there would be serious ramifications vis-a-vis U.S. support for Israel if the reactor in Dimona was not opened to frequent visits by inspectors. The pressure that Kennedy applied on the matter of Dimona was apparently one of the factors in David Ben-Gurion's resignation in 1963. Kennedy's assassination several months later led to a relaxation of that pressure and Israel was able to complete construction of the reactor in the Negev.

What a stroke of luck that was for the Terror State, eh? With Kennedy out of the way, Israel was able to put the finishing touches on its arsenal of death, and become even more belligerent and dangerous than it was when the Zionists stole Palestine and proceeded to wage a series of wars of aggression against its Arab neighbors.

Obama will keep his mouth shut, of course. Obama is Israel's bitch.

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