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OUR tax money is being used to buy private jets

Pity those poor Wall Street bankers, forced to fly to Congressional investigations in private jets. Don't recall anyone in Congress asking those Wall Street gangsters if they rode to the hearing in private jets, like they asked the Big 3 auto execs.

JPMorgan Spending $138M to Update Swank Jet Fleet Mar 23, 09

(Newser) – JPMorgan Chase, recipient of $25 billion in taxpayer money, is about to be the proud owner of two new luxury private jets and a lavishly renovated Westchester County airport hangar, complete with roof garden, ABC News reports. The $138 million purchase, described as “completely tone deaf” by one watchdog, will push at least one small carrier out of the hangar, cutting its business, and staff, in half.

The Gulfstream 650s are billed as the “most comfortable” private jets ever, while the hangar is described as “the premiere corporate aircraft hanger on the eastern seaboard.” JPMorgan claims no bailout money will be used in the purchases—part of the company’s normal aircraft replacement policy—and no payments will be made until TARP funds have been repaid.

If you needed to "liberate" some of OUR money so it could make "aliyah" to Israel, then you definitely need a private jet.

Curious as to what a 65 MILLION dollar Gulfstream 650 looks like?

Yes, life sure be hard for those Wall Street gangsters!



At Thursday, March 26, 2009, Blogger The Irritable Farmer said...

It's simply a matter of time until total collapse, this simply pushes the time closer. Prepare yourselves my fellow Americans, the worst of economic times is really right around the corner. Stock up.

At Thursday, March 26, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bastards will have to come down for fuel sometime.


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