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V I V A ∞ P A L E S T I N A

60 vehicles have joined the convoy in Libya so far, bringing the total to 170, and possibly 300 before it enters Egypt, and joins with Egyptians and another Scottish medical aid convoy that is growing as it is travels across Europe right now, all to meet in Gaza.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has declared the humanitarian crisis in Gaza to be worse than Darfur.

The convoy is in Misrata. The hospitality of the Libyan people, government and the Gaddafi Foundation has left the convoy members in tears.

After the the public rally in Tripoli today, they set off with an additional 60 Libyan vehicles loaded with humanitarean aid and medecine towards the coastal town of Misrata. They were met with jubilant ordinary Libyans who hold Palestine and Gaza close to their hearts.

The organisers and the Gaddafi Foundation are ensuring the smooth and safe passage of the convoy through Libya by providing everything the convoy needs - from free fuel to accomodation and repairs, etc.

This evening, our drivers and their passengers were being driven in coaches to the newly built and inaugurated GAZA VILLAGE on the outskirt of Misrata. It is a tribute to the memory of the fallen martyrs of Gaza and a message to the children of Palestine from a long standing staunch ally of their just cause.

According to Libyan TV News this evening, the convoy could reach 300 vehicles by the time it reaches the border. I have just seen the size of some of the HGV's going to Gaza lined up with ours. It is an awsome sight, a mammoth task only made possible by some legendary men and women.

In one of the speeches today in Tripoli, one of the convoy leaders said to the crowd that this convoy was not just a Viva Palestina British, Islamic, Christian, Arab and European but it was first and foremost humanitarian, where all humanity in all its diverse cultures, languages and religions contributed to it.

One of our convoy members said to the Arabic newspaper Libya Elyoum today "This is the best welcome we received. What is different this time is that the authorities did not try to stop the people mingling and getting close to us, nothing was orchestrated, it was natural and spontaneous.."

Tomorrow is a big day as Libya celebrates the creation of the Republic (Jamahiria). The convoy will head for SIRT where they will savour Libyan hospitality once again.

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At Monday, March 02, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

this is great news.

very heart warming. can't wait to see how it culminates...

At Monday, March 02, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is very heart warming indeed, qrswave!

I want to take a demolition hammer to that wall, myself.


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