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The Bloody History Of Communism

Corruption has appeared in both land and sea
because of what people's own hands have brought about
so that they may taste something of what they have done
so that hopefully they will turn back.

(Qur'an, 30: 41)

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The 20th century was the bloodiest in history. 250 million people died in wars, mass slaughter and political murders. The ideology known as communism bears the greatest responsibility for this terrible savagery. This is an ideology that promises so-called equality and justice, but which brings with it only bloodshed, death and fear. In this film, we shall be examining the bloody century of communism, and seeing the terrible misery this ideology inflicted on humanity. It will be impossible for the world to avoid similar tragedies in the future unless it learns from the past.

Communism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century. It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear. This three-volume documentary displays the terrible savagery of communism and its underlying philosophy. From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, discover how the materialist philosophy transforms humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.

This film reveals the cruelty communist China inflicted on the Muslim Turks in Eastern Turkestan, the killing fields of Cambodia, the minority Muslim population in Cambodia who was a target for the savagery, and the 60s generation of the West who got caught up in communist ideology in the West.

The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt

The Bloody History Of Fascism

The Philosophy Of Liberty


At Tuesday, May 19, 2009, Blogger Barbara L said...

I have just been doing some studying of a new piece by Eustace Mullins on communism as being, at core, the same thing as Zionism. In the telling he quite thoroughly debunks the Holocaust story.

It is a very long piece and I am getting my nerve to make the leap. I post some pretty out there stuff, but this is a major step forward. Smiles. I will return and look this over when I have a lil time in the next day or two.

Think on the fact that Kissinger, the ultimate Zionist, was also very responsible for many of these horror. The fact that the great (!?!)leaders were Jewish is an interesting point!

Personally, I believe it is the same folks using different titles to suit the time. Very minor differences but the overall ending is death, blood and loss of freedom.

At Tuesday, May 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fascism might be closer to zionism per se, but they use all the schisms like tools to divide and conquer us, such as communism, materialism and feminism, in a darwinian dialectic of conflicts that are created and abetted by the synagogue of satan.


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