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Nepos Libertas' "Change We Can Believe In" Manifesto to alter the socio-political realm of ZOG New York

The list of proposals written by me. A few proposals may be offensive to those with "racial and hoplophobia sensibilities."

I'm not a hard-core and menacing racist by any means, just my 'profoundly radical in the spirit of Thomas Paine' libertarian belief how the utopia of New York State should be run according to my vision.

Of course, I believe all Zionist organizations based in America should be dismantled for treason and disloyal Zionist Jews evicted, banned, and kicked out (deported) to Israel. Non-Zionist Jews who are provenly patriotic and subservient to the hospitable host nation can stay under fair conditions.

Radical Proposed Changes for New York State in restoring Liberty & Justice Written to provide the course of plan needed to change New York State for the better and saner future in restoration of freedom that was curtailed by corrupt politicians and traitors.


At Thursday, May 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

march down there and give those zooks a piece of their minds!


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