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New thesis on the coming California fiscal holocaust as an advantage for Plutocrat-Oligarch Junta to take over CA post-collapse

2002 cartoon.
Swap "Davis" to "Schwarzenegger" and it's still the same shit.

I originally wrote the shorter post on the repercussion of Proposition 13 as a proverbial fiscal nuclear shockwave for WUFYS, but it went longer in revision with my formulated opinion according to further research and intellectual rumination.

Here is a new blog post titled "How Irrational and Misanthropic Right-Wing Extremism under guise of Tax Revolt render once-Prosperous California a Self-Destructive Failure", over at Last Throes of U.S. Empire.

It is a lengthy post that may be exhausting to read and contemplate, hence the alternative blog. I apologize for the "plug."

I believe California state is royally fucked for the time being.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is woefully incompetent with his head buried in the sand to hide from the monstrosity that is Proposition 13, which he actually supports with fervor in blindfolded enthusiasm.

Gov. Arnold should be "Total Recall". He thought he could handle the crisis after election to replace Gray Davis, but clearly he's an idiot for ignoring the elephants in the room while slashing and burning the budgets to control the bleeding deficit in the quest for cure to the financial ills of California.


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