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Brendon O'Connell: Analysis of a so-called "Truth Teller"

In the interests of harmony and reducing in-fighting within the anti-Judaic / anti-Zionist truth movement, this material on Brendon O'Connell has been removed - even though a not inconsiderable amount of time and effort was devoted to writing it :-(

With Brendon in jail, having been sentenced to three years after incurring the wrath of the Jews, any suspicions that he was some kind of plant or bogus "anti-Judaic" have evaporated. The evidence is that his heart is in the right place. Brendon made some errors in strategy and incorrectly suspected some people of being shills or even Jews, but who doesn't? Unlike some in the patriot / truth movement, he's not exactly a stickler for accuracy. However, just because some of those whose "truth telling" contains inaccuracies and artistic license are Zionist agents, it doesn't mean that Brendon is a Zionist agent.

There are many pieces of garbage who still enjoy their liberty when they should rightly be in jail. Brendon O'Connell should be freed.


At Sunday, June 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you do realise that this soapy article takes up more than a third of the page, don't you? why not post an excerpt and a link to your site?

At Sunday, June 21, 2009, Blogger Poseidon said...

Okay, I've taken some out, Grim. It took up more space than I expected.

At Sunday, June 21, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very considerate of you, Poseidon =)

There is no shortage of questionable characters within the information saturation of internet, especially with all the paranoia going around, some well founded, and much by design.

At Monday, June 22, 2009, Blogger Anarchore said...

Don't you guys have the use of the 'more' tag on blogger? Wordpress does.

At Monday, June 22, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Grim, Poseidon posts here every blue moon - you post here almost daily, and sometimes twice or more a day. Poseidon is a member of the team just as you are. The least you could do is keep your keyboard shut when he does decide to post.

The WUFYS blog site is set to display 15 blog posts on the front page. It makes no difference how long the posts are - there will still be 15 blogs on the home page, so you don't have to worry about your posts being 'buried'.

At Tuesday, June 23, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Being buried is one thing, having your computer lock up due to the enourmous size of the post is another.

Not all of us have hi-speed 'Net connections and those that don't have trouble downloading files of this size.

It takes away from the viewing experience of this blog when your computer can't handle the downloads.

At Tuesday, June 23, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Greg, you're a retired firefighter whose new industry is the Internet. Get yourself broadband for fuck's sake.

At Wednesday, June 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poseidon: Analysis Of A Judas Goat Jew-Shill


The Yiddish Yokel:


At Wednesday, June 24, 2009, Blogger Tom Sullivan said...

Ok, the length of the article is one thing, the non-resized graphics are another. They wipe out the menu on the right hand side and should be resized before being posted.

At Wednesday, June 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could one of the admin please remove the link in the side bar that points to my old site "planetquo" before the Judas Goat Jew-shill "Poseidon" begins to you accuse of promoting a "porn site" that is "controlled" by "Jewish interests"?


A thorough debunking of the Jew-scum's lies and disinformation is here:


Whoever runs the "Eric Hufschmid Works For The Jews" site has got "Poseidon" the Jew-shill sussed:

"Let us take a look at a Stormfront thread from Poseiden of takeourworldback which he claims that brendon O'connell and a host of other people are Zionist agents. Read the thread and see how little evidence Poseiden has for his accusations. Do not fall into the trap of trusting him because he tells a little bit of truth that you may not have seen elsewhere. These Jews and/or Jew puppets only tell some truth so they can lie to you later. The thread speaks for itself. I see no reason for me to explain it all to you. Poseidens tactics are fairly transparent. He is an evil, lying Jew or an agent of world Jewry. Read the thread yourself and see what kind of garbage Poseiden is."


Wise words indeed.

At Thursday, June 25, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Members of the old, hopefully-soon-to-be-revived WUFYS website will remember Jim "PlanetQuo" Kerr as the guy who spent an entire year trying to convince people that Brendon O'Connell and James Linton (not to mention Fester) were one and the same, and that O'Connell "does not actually exist - except in the vivid imagination of Jamie Linton a.k.a. Crimes of Zion". Kerr wrote countless long pages of drivel in an effort to prove his ridiculous assertion, and writing long pages of drivel and creating YouTube accounts devoted to attacking real anti-Zionists is still his favorite pastime as evidenced by the links above. Only an obsessive nutcase would display this kind of behavior. His stupid-arse theories are now so obviously stupid that he had to abandon his planetquo.com and .net websites in an effort to bury his embarrassing fuck-ups. Now that the belligerent Brendon O'Connell has been charged under Australia's racial vilification laws, he is Kerr's new hero, close "friend and associate" and "Brother in Christ", even though the two have never met.

One of Kerr's latest howlers is that I posted to an Internet forum as "Jeff" in 2006. This March 24 2006 web archive page of the thread in question clearly shows that I posted as JamieL, and the current member list has a JamieL and a Jeff on it. JamieL's number of posts show up as 16, and Jeff's show up as 0. If I had've gone back later to change my handle to Jeff, Jeff's posts would show up as 16. Moreover, even if I did want to dissociate myself with those posts, I signed each of them with my real name, so changing my handle would be an exercise in futility.

The fact of the matter is that I've never posted as "Jeff". I have no reason to hide my interest in the question of whether or not there exists other intelligent life in the universe. My interest in that question persists to this very day and will continue to interest me for the rest of my life, or until the question is answered. As far as I'm concerned - and this is just my personal opinion - Kerr's belief in Christian fairy tales such as Adam and Eve and the one about the man that walked on water (and turned it into wine) dying for our sins is much more facile and ridiculous than the notion of there being other life in the universe.

Kerr is the Internet equivalent to Inspector Clouseau. He can't seem to get anything right, but his "meticulous research" wouldn't be half as entertaining if he could.

At Friday, June 26, 2009, Blogger Poseidon said...

A return to first principles will demonstrate where the FugaziQuo school (aka the tinfoil brigade!) lose touch with reality.

When making allegations, it is - to put it mildly - helpful to have some evidence to support the allegations. In the absence of evidence, an individual with an almost saintly reputation for honesty, incorruptibility, scrupulosity, etc, might carry some weight. However, when unsubstantiated allegations originate from a non-drug-dealing compulsive liar and troublemaker, or from a drug-growing / dealing conspiracy fruitcake who muddles disinformation with facts, or even from a lying, drug-dealing troublemaker, the amount of weight they carry is zero, cipher, damn-all, null, nil, nothing, naught, nought. Conversely, the quality of any documented evidence is in indirect proportion to the relevance of the character of the plaintiff.

Theodor Herzl admitted in his Diaries that "The anti-Semites will become our most loyal friends; the anti-Semitic nations will become our allies", and he even advocated encouraging anti-Semites to destroy Jewish property. When Israelis were asked to read extracts aloud, and to guess who wrote the entry, they replied, "Hitler".

So on the one hand, we have Brendon O'Connell, whose 'evidence' against the Judaics amounts to zilch, and whose role as an anti-Semitic strawman for Jewish supremacists benefits them handsomely by providing a pretext for stifling legitimate criticism of Jewish atrocities, restricting free speech and extending repressive measures against Gentiles, and maintaining Israel's slow but steady policy of ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians. On the other hand, genuine exposers of Zionist crimes provide evidence to back up their allegations, and are able to sort the information from the disinformation and the truth tellers from the zioshills.

Those deluded "anti-Judaics" who undermine their own cause through their inept support of Brendon O'Connell tend to be Christian fundamentalists or out-and-out racist extremists with an irrationalist, faith-based or emotion-based belief system. The rationalist will see the futility in supporting a character who clearly functions as a Zionist tool, whether by accident or design.

Fairy tales such as "Adam and Eve" or "Brendon O'Connell the anti-Judaic Christian warrior" may alleviate the inadequacies felt by irrationalists and delusional narcissists. The rationalist may have an interest in the possibility of intelligent, alien life, which is well within the realm of science. Unfortunately, the FugaziQuo team is comprised of unintelligent, semi-alien lifeforms who persist with paranoid claptrap such as "Cathar = Suzette", "Poseidon = United Against Zionism", "TakeOurWorldBack.Com is associated with a team of Jew-shills", "Joe Vialls was sloppy rather than a disinformation agent and the Jews did the Asian tsunami", etc.

At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments that have been made above by the obnoxious organ-grinder and his meth-injecting monkey have been addressed in part six of "Poseidon Of Takeourworldback.Com: Analysis Of A Judas Goat Jew-shill":


You will see from the evidence contained within this page that James "Jeff" Linton lied to this forum when he categorically denied that he had posted on a "UFO, alien paranormal" site under the handle of "Jeff". Will you guys at WUFYS ever get wise to this lying piece of shit?

I've created a blogspot for the sociopathic simian which I will develop in due course. Don't get mad, get even.


Linton being a tiddler means that the prick isn't worthy of my time and energy at the moment. It's big-fish "Poseidon" who is firmly in my crosshairs right now. The chimp will be dealt with once and for all in my own good time.

Hey Qrswave...have a look at what the demented Judas Goat Jew-shill, this fake "white nationalist", has been posting on Stormfront....

"Once the Zionists have been emasculated, establishing pro-White nations free of political correctness and "multiculturalism" will be the icing on the cake."



Do you still believe that this creep is for real, or do you now see that this chameleon Judas Goat Jew-shill merely plays to whichever gallery he thinks will be duped by his theatrics? Do you remember the daily deposits of dross Daryl Bradford Smith's strawman placed on the old WUFYS site? How could you ever forget?


The Judas Goat Jew-shill has his team of "little helpers" over in Stormfront, one of whom is "Steve 0907", otherwise known as Steve "Notice how I never mention Jews" Johnson, owner of the southeastasianews.org domain. This piece of shite is the co-author of the hit-piece on O'Connell: "Analysis Of A so-Called Racist".


Johnson is doing his level-best best to help his pal "Poseidon" destroy O'Connell's character. Since joining Stormfront, Johnson has made only three posts, all of which attack Brendon O'Connell.


To give you some indication of just how duplicitous this piece of shite is, read the e-mail that he sent O'Connell on 30th May wherein the double-minded, two-faced, slithering snake tells O'Connell that his research is "incredible". This is after having made baseless accusations against O'Connell two weeks earlier, when Johnson alleged O'Connell to be a "police agent provocateur" who "infiltrated" the 'Friends Of Palestine' organisation so that he could "discredit" this group to "finally silence legitimate political critics of Israel".

Johnson amusingly told O'Connell that: "Poseidon, Fredd, Linton and company have an agenda of attacking each other and anyone else for that matter who pokes their noses into the business.... All to muddy the waters and confuse everyone as to whos who." The Jewish prick got that much right.


Johnson has also accused O'Connell of posting "anti-Semitic" videos on YouTube and calls him a Nazi". Now, which ethnic group call those who oppose them "anti-Semtic" and "Nazis"? And which ethnic group talk to Rabbis? Steve Johnson fits the profile of a crypto-Jew to a tee, and James "My mate is a Federal Police Agent who can track people down" fits the profile of a police informer a lot better than Brendon O'Connell does.




At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Steve Johnson is "Steve 0907" is beyond question. It can be seen that the opening paragraphs of the post that "Steve 0907" made on Stormfront on 7th June are identical to the opening paragraphs of the post that Johnson made in his own name on slackbastard.com on 10th June.



The white nationalists on Stormfront will surely glean from Johnson's views that they have a trouble-making infiltrator in their midst. I quote from Johnson's YouTube account profile:


Over the years I have faced harassment from NAZIS. Whether it be officials in uniforms sanctioned and armed by a corrupted state and on an ego boosting power trip, or be it jackbooting brainless bovver boys ...

Either way, a fascist asshole nazi is still a fascist asshole nazi no matter what they say their intentions are.

Nazis come in different flavours, shapes, sizes and forms, even sadly today on Youtube in the form of those calling themselves "anti-racists" .

These clowns have made clearly slanderous allegations based on the people who like to see my videos.

If they wish to judge people based on association, that makes them even more bigoted and ignorant than the White Power knob-ends who obviously were dropped on their heads at birth.

If this is the silly game these Israeli agents dressed up in anti racist sheeps clothing like to play. All I can say is Steve Johnson will step up to the plate and meet them with the same flaming sword of justice in hand and deliver them the same garbage they are dishing out on innocent others."


The obvious question here is: why is the devoted "anti-racist" who holds "fascist asshole nazis" in such high contempt posting messages on a white nationalist site? And the obvious answer is that Johnson, like the Judas Goat Jew-shill who calls himself "Poseidon", is yet another crypto-Jew who is out help the tribe by attacking and slandering those who are genuinely opposed to the Jews.

In his most recent Sormfront post, Johnson infers that Brendon O'Connell is part of a "journalist surveillance program". The clown obviously hasn't read scripture because if he had, he would know that the inspiration behind "First Fruits" is biblical. But Johnson would hardly read scripture given that he is a Jew who would be more inclined to read the Talmud than the bible.


Perhaps someone who is familiar with scripture will point this dickhead Johnson to Matthew 7:19....

"By their fruit ye shall know them. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire."

At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnson operates out of southeastasianews.org - a site which is host to some seriously-dodgy characters. These shady individuals include include Mordechai Schmuel, a Sydney-based Israeli-American dual citizen whose father was a commando with the Israel Defense Forces, and David Ribivnitz an American Jew from Las Vegas whose father is an Israeli diplomat. Johnson also operates the "stopfundingisrael.com" domain. This highly-dubious site carries a foreword by Rabbi Jerry Goldstein on its' homepage.



Another seriously-dodgy character who is involved with the southeastasianews.org team is none other than James "Jeff" "Infensus Mentis/Crimes of Zion" Linton who, as we already know, is the loyal, devoted, right-hand man of the Judas Goat Jew-shill who calls himself "Poseidon". Small world, isn't it?


James "There's only 72 Jews in Mount Lawley" Linton is a resident of the "Jewish ghetto" of Mount Lawley, - one of the most expensive suburbs of Perth - and will feel right at home working alongside Schmeul and Ribivnitz. Being a drug-addict, Linton should get on particularly well with Ribivintz, who is decsribed as being "a chronic pot smoker". Perhaps Linton will be able to boost his earnings by selling David some weed. Oh...but of course...Linton - who hasn't had a job in years - doesn't need to work for a living. Hell, this guy is so minted that he doesn't even have to touch the capital or the interest of his "inheritance".


Linton's new colleagues, Mordechai and David are strongly advised not to introduce their sociopathic teammate to their families - particularly their mommas.







Takeourworldback.biz: where takeourworldback.com gets trashed:


At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

Hey, dickhead - Mordechai Schmuel, David Ribivnitz and Rabbi Jerry Goldstein don't exist. They're fictional characters, you knob-end.

The Jim Kerr Mental Health Appeal 2009

At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Blogger Steve Johnson said...

Shhhhhh James... Don't tell him just yet...

Wait at least a year till he links the names with at least 4-5 other innocent people, (as he usually does) then we can tell him they're fictional so he can crawl back into his hole of shame.

They really have a good imagination with some of the drivel they come up with. Now if only they could harness that creative power for the forces of good instead of evil.

Besides their clown antics make Bow Legs Mick and Wimpy Jed look like professional researchers. I haven't had this much fun laughing at their posts EVER. As for promotions... They've spread SoutheastAsiaNews.org links so much lately.. I'm starting to feel an urge to give them a weekly wage, not even facebook ads gives me the same hit-click ratio than they do !!

At Thursday, July 16, 2009, Blogger W.A. - D.C. said...

"Hey, dickhead - Mordechai Schmuel, David Ribivnitz and Rabbi Jerry Goldstein don't exist. They're fictional characters, you knob-end."

Using "fictional characters" to promote fictional services is fraud:


Having documented associations with a known drug importer has not impressed Ian either.

Your nightmare hasn't even begun Steve Gavin.

All in the hands of; that’s right...you guessed it.

At Thursday, July 16, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

"All in the hands of; that’s right...you guessed it."

You mean 'hand'. The one-armed one-man tin-foil brigade of Sheffield England has been making threats for years, and every last person on the receiving end of those threats is still laughing today - literally. ROFL.

At Thursday, July 16, 2009, Blogger Steve Johnson said...

So? U found my site designer and registrar? WOW

Amazing work there.. 10 points and woopee doo

Only took you how many months???


At Sunday, July 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're the dickhead Linton. Did you really believe that your new butt-buddy Johnson could create all those "Ratings" shill accounts on YouTube that all subscribe to your account, and not get noticed? You should've hidden your subscribers list dickhead, but it's too late now. You and Johnson have been caught bang-to-rights operating shill accounts on YouTube. All these accounts were created at the same time by Steve Johnson, and every single one subscribes to you. These shill accounts have been used to artificially inflate the view-counts on the videos on your "Infensus Mentis" account. How sad you are Linton, "desperate" doesn't even begin to describe you.




"You mean 'hand'."

No dicksplash, the author of the post clearly said "hands" as in plural. Is your vision blurred chimp? You been injecting the meth again, or have you been injecting some other shit into your gangly body junkie-boy?


You seem to think that I made that post, don't you? Well chemical-craving chimp, I'm sorry to piss on your bonfire, but you're badly mistaken. This wasn't me. It could have been any one of a number of people I know. I'm not the only one who is investigating your new bum-chum Johnson. Is he a closet faggot like you are? Johnson already knows that his contrived hit-piece on O'Connell has made him a lot of enemies - particularly in the white nationalist community.

"The one-armed one-man tin-foil brigade of Sheffield England has been making threats for years, and every last person on the receiving end of those threats is still laughing today - literally. ROFL."

But am I not supposed to be in Doncaster dickslpash? Isn't that what your pal "Poseidon" was telling everyone last year, and weren't you promoting this disinformation and deception by linking to it? You're as guilty as he is, simian features.



And did the Yiddish yokel not recently announce that planetquo.com was "a porn site" that had been "controlled" "all along" by "Jewish interests"? What happened to his hilarious "Planetquo is a porn site/evidence of Jewish interests" piece? Yeah...that's right...he deleted it in embarrassment after his contrived tall-tale came apart at the seams. But as always, the rhinoceros-skinned, shameless, demented deadbeat will carry-on as if nothing had happened and return with yet another pile of easily-denbunked shite. So predictable, so utterly shameless.



Now you see it...


...now you don't...


The ever-revising webmasturbator disgraces himself yet again. What a wanker.

Was it Jim Kerr who was pushing the crackpot conspiracy theory of there existing two Daryl Bradford Smiths, one resident in France, the other in California, both of whom "work together" and provide operational "cover" for one another? Noooooo...it was Mr. tin-foil "Poseidon" who concocted that particular looney conspiracy theory.


At Sunday, July 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way chimp, which of the two Daryls is the one who gives you "firsthand information", which is the one who your hero "Poseidon" says is the pedophile, and which of the two Daryls is it that has the Yiddish yokel playing the role of his strawman?




And weren't you the tin-foil conspiracy theorist who posited that Michael and I were being lined-up by "the Zionists" to "take over" Daryl Bradford Smith's "Zionist disinformation operation"? This is what years of heavy drug-abuse has done to your mind. Fingers crossed, you might get an air-bubble in your veins the next time you shoot-up.


Weren't you the wannabe hardman who issued an open invitation to Brendon O'Connell via WUFYS to call at your house, telling him that you were going to "beat the living crap" out of him when he got there? Yeah...the motor-mouth monkey meth man of Mount Lawley who bottled-out when O'connell took him up on his offer. Cluck, cluck...cluck, cluck. James "Chickensus Mouthis" Linton a.k.a. Chicken of Zion...cluck, cluck...cluck, cluck...cluck, cluck, cluck. James "



You're too funny monkey man...but people laugh at you, not with you chimp. What a low-life you are Linton...a piece of shit by anyone's standards - even by those you set for yourself.


From the chimp to the chump....

How ya doin' "Nephilim70", or should that be "Nephilim_70" with an underscore? Let me guess, you're Nephilim70 and your "web designer and registrar" Simon Gavin is "Nephilim_70". Right?


wrong...YOU are the operator of the "Nephilim70" handle AND the "Nephilim_70" handle.


That was a very poor attempt at damage-control you dirty, filthy, lying bastard. You have just gone on the record as stating unequivocally that the avonvalleymedia.com domain belongs to your "site designer and registrar", Simon Gavin.

Surely this can't be THE Simon Gavin who, according to your own website, is an "investigative journalist" with southeastasianews?


Now where have I seen Simon Gavin before...hmmmmmm...oh yes...it was here...at the "contact" page of the Avon Valley Media website:


Oh yes..and here too...at "Paltalk" where "Nephilim_70" is a 39 year-old from Huntingon Beach, California:




Surely this can't be THE Simon Gavin who sang in a ska band between 1998-2002 just like you said you did in the e-mail you sent Brendon O'Connell on 30th May? Surely this can't be "Simon Skaboy" a.k.a. "Steve Ace", the guy who was the lead singer in a Fremantle-based ska band between 1988-2002, just like YOU were, the guy whose photograph is showing in YOUR 'We Are Change' profile. The "Australian" who lives in California and in Sydney, Canada, and who is the spitting-image of the guy who Steve Johnson has posted as his avatar on the profile of the account that he has at the sotheastasianews.org forum.

At Sunday, July 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I quote from your e-mail of 30th May to Brendon O'Connell:

"I went to Govenor Stirling High school when I grew up in WA, living in Guildford. Later I moved to Hilton and grew up around around Fremantle singing in a ska band since 1988-2002. Hardly a thing a ziofreak would do. Been a single parent since 2003 which has given me a huge amount of time to research and make sites which Is exactly what I've been doing."

You admit that you have a "huge amount" of time to "make sites", and this "exactly" what you've been doing. Yes..I noticed. So why do you need to hire a fucking web designer when you can build websites yourself which, as you yourself admits, you have done. By the way, you web-design 'skills' are as good as your skills in lying without getting caught-out, and in damage-control...not very good.








Recognise this Steve "Lead Vocalist" Johnson? This is your "Friends Reunited" acccount.


1976 - 1982: Kalannie Primary School (Map location)

1983 - 1984: Swanleigh Boarding Hostel, Midland (Map location)

1983 - 1984: Governor Stirling Senior High School, Midland (Map location)

1985 - 1987: Rossmoyne Senior High School (Map location)

1994 - 1997: Wmc, Leinster (Map location)

You claim to be an "Australian American dual citizen", but if the information you posted on your "Friends Reunited" profile is true, then by way of you beginning your education at an Australian primary school in 1976, you would have been aged SIX YEARS maximum when you arrived in Australia. Since when did six year-old kids qualify for dual-citizenship? Furthermore, if you have been living in Australia for at least thirty-three years, where the fuck did you get that American accent from? Let me guess you have an Australian accent but fake an American accent so to impress your audience.


You fucked-up big-time Johnson. To be a good liar you need a good memory and you have obviously forgotten all about the post that you made as "Nephilim70" on the "9-11 Taboo" forum on 23rd September 2008 wherein you use the e-mail address of avonvalleymedia@fastmail.fm and sign-off with this:

Steve Johnson

1327 Rodeo Drive


You're such an amateur Johnson. You couldn't even spell Beverly Hills correctly you arsehole, just like you couldn't spell San Francisco correctly.


At Sunday, July 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You used the e-mail address of avonvalleymedia@fastmail.fm when you made that post. That e-mail address appears at the bottom of this page:


But this is YOUR site, isn't it Mr. Steve "Shalom To All My Cousins" Johnson, or is the owner of this domain another "fictitious character"?


Steve Johnson is Nephilim70. The evidence is incontrivertible - Steve Johnson confirms this himself:





Why have you stated that you live in Huntington Beach, California; San Francisco and Sydney, Canada when you're supposed to be in Perth, Australia, you dirty, lying, deceiving scumbag? And if Avon Valley Media belongs to "Simon Gavin", what is YOUR name doing There and not Simon Gavin's, and why has he omitted his 'ownership' of this company from his CV? Surely running a "successful media company" is something that one would want to tell prospective employers all about. But why would someone who runs a "successful media company" be looking for work? This does not compute captain.


The e-mail address associated with this domain is dubwize@fastmail.fm, and so too with the nephilim_70.com and realrepublic.nephilm70 sites.







The mobile telephone number of 0406 047583 is given as the contact number on the contacts page of avonvalleymedia.com:


The telephone number of 0406 047583 is displayed on this page of the "2012redemption.com" site:


The number that you gave to Brendon O'Connell on 30th May was 0404 067583, which is exactly the same as the one above except that the last two digits of the first set of numbers have been swapped with the first two digits of the second set.


I am reliably informed by one of my Australian contacts that if one is in business, or has a business, and would like the mobile phone numbers associated with that business to be closely matched, then it is possible to acquire such numbers if they are available. Given the extremely close match of the 0406 047583 and 0404 067583 numbers, it is likely that the two phones were purchased at the same time, and that a number match was requested at the time of purchase.

This is the first of the pages I've done on you arsehole...there will be more to come...Steve Johnson Of Southeastasianews.Org: Poseidon's "Little Helper" On Stormfront - Linton's "Little Helper" On YouTube:


Oh by the way dickweed, you've been outed over on Stormfront. It isn't wise to say things about white nationalists being "knob-ends who obviously were dropped on their heads at birth", then go posting messages alongside your new butt-buddy "Poseidon" on places like Stormfront. Man...you are one prize prick Johnson. I now see why the organ-grinder and his monkey have teamed-up with you. They look at you and see themselves.


At Sunday, July 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On behalf of my friends, collaborators, associates, and allies, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to whicever numpty created these hilarious "ziobuster" cards.


Seeing the Judas Goat Jew-shill sandwicjed in-between his favourite "Zio-shills" Brendon O'Connell, Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid brought tears to my eyes. What a hoot that was. I literally slid-off my chair laughing. Calling agent Quasimodo...come in agent Quasimodo...report to HQ...we have an urgent photoshop job for you.

I hadn't laughed so much since I read the e-mail you sent O'Connell on 30th May:

"Seems to me as an outside observer... (Never heard any of this until this month) that Poseidon, Fredd, Linton and company have an agenda of attacking each other and anyone else for that matter who pokes their noses into the business.... All to muddy the waters and confuse everyone as to whos who....Interestingly James Linton has been avoiding contacting me. I guess your email is probably a good indication why."

Thank you so much for the excellent entertainment you clown...this beats the circus anyday.

Jeff "Ziobuster" Rense. ROFLMAO.


At Monday, July 20, 2009, Blogger Infensus Mentis said...

You're a sad man, Kerr. All this anger and spite and hate and petty shit is gonna kill you one day. If you don't have fun, you lose. At the end of the day, happiness is the only real measure of success, and you don't sound too happy to me.

Go out and get laid or something, have some fun. Love someone. When was the last time you got laid?

Fun Kerr, FUN!


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