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FBI infiltrates mosques, but not synagogues

FBI boss defends use of mosque spies
FBI director Robert Mueller defended the agency's use of informants within US mosques amid complaints that worshippers and clerics were being targeted instead of possible terrorists.

Mr Mueller's comments came days after a Michigan Muslim organisation asked the US Justice Department to investigate complaints that the FBI was asking the faithful to spy on Islamic leaders and worshippers.

Similar alarm followed the disclosure earlier this year that the FBI planted a spy in Southern California mosques.

"We don't investigate places, we investigate individuals," Mr Mueller said during a brief meeting with reporters in Los Angeles.

"To the extent that there may be evidence or other information of criminal wrongdoings, then we will ... undertake those investigations. We will continue to do it."
As long as those investigations don't lead into synagogues, right Mr. FBI man?

More on Emanuel’s shady past with the Clinton administration
WMR (Wayn Madsen Review) has learned from U.S. intelligence sources additional details of prospective White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s ties with the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad. We have also learned that President-elect Barack Obama is fully aware of the problems with Emanuel’s past security woes within the Clinton administration, but that the President-elect faced the problem of delivering on a few political IOUs he handed out during the campaign.

Emanuel has, according to our sources, been the subject of FBI counter-intelligence surveillance for quite some time. FBI surveillance teams have seen Emanuel enter Washington, DC and Chicago synagogues at the same time known Mossad agents assigned to the Israeli embassy in Washington and the Israeli Consulate General in Chicago entered the facilities. FBI regulations prevented the surveillance teams from pursuing the parties into the places of worship.

WMR has also learned that during Emanuel’s stint at the White House under President Clinton, Mossad became increasingly concerned that the identity of their top agent, an American who served in a high position in the Reagan administration and code-named “Mega,” would be exposed by the FBI’s counter-intelligence division. For that reason, the Mossad leaked information on two top Russian spies in the CIA and FBI, Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen, respectively, in order to “cool the trail” leading to Mega. WMR has learned that Hanssen also spied for Mossad at the same time he was spying for the Russians and that this information was known to Emanuel. WMR has learned that the FBI established that there was a relationship between Hanssen, a Chicago native whose father was a Chicago police officer, and Emanuel, also a native of Chicago.
Mr. FBI man, just think what you might of learned if you had some moles in New York area synagogues before 9/11. Like the synagogues that those 5 dancing Israeli's attended.

Here's what the FBI says on their web page:
Despite the fragmentation of white supremacist groups resulting from the deaths or the arrests of prominent leaders, violence from this element remains an ongoing threat to government targets, Jewish individuals and establishments, and non-white ethnic groups.

Some U.S.-based black separatist groups follow radical variants of Islam and in some cases express solidarity with international terrorist groups. These groups could utilize black separatists to collect intelligence on U.S. targets or to identify radical elements within the African-American community who could act as surrogates on their behalf.
Yes, again it's the Oscar for the Best Portrayal of the Perennial Victim, the Jews and the designated "boogieman" for the Wars for Empire and Israel crowd, Muslims.

Like this FBI web page shows, they're only after Muslims and "tree-huggers."

That must make budding Jonathan Pollards feel relieved.


At Wednesday, June 10, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

Police: At least 2 shot inside Holocaust Museum

D.C. police spokeswoman Traci Hughes said a person walked into the museum at about 1 p.m. with a rifle and shot a guard. Hughes says the shooter was also shot.


Greg or anyone else interested, please feel free to use this pic below if you ever need it for articles. Something I mafe in back in Feb, added a few things today, such as a lampshade & special soaps. hehehe


At Wednesday, June 10, 2009, Blogger Greg Bacon said...

Some 89 yo geezer. How in the hell do you sneak a rifle around in this weather?

It's not like he could hide it under a winter coat.

Hate Crimes Act, here we go.

At Wednesday, June 10, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

hahaha ...

Today, it was 89 yr old Moses himself & tomorrow, it will be a 5 day old baby!

Hate crimes crap - such a perfect way to dump that law on us, planned out by the butt crimes pirates.

They are probably working on a even bigger one, called Thought Crimes Act.


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