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Soothing YouTube Propaganda for anti-American Middle East/Central Asia courtesy of Obama White House

My message to Obama/Biden Administration presiding over Zionist Occupation Government:

Back off Iran and deal diplomatically with Israeli regime & Saudi Kingdom.

No more American taxpayer-paid foreign aid for Israel. Force Israel to give up nuclear arsenal and sign Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Work towards the goal of affordable renewable and alternative energy to substantially reduce American dependence on foreign oil. Saudi monarchy have U.S. government by the balls with oil as a political weapon in foreign relations re: refined oil for internal combustion engine automobile culture and transportation technology. Oil addiction is one of the prime reasons U.S. empire never stop meddling in foreign affairs and entrapped in ass-kissing relationship with the Chinese (finance), Israelis & Saudis.

Tell Israel to f*ck off for being a vexing problem in war-like & antagonistic attitude towards Iran, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, at your risk.

In Farsi.

In Arabic.


At Friday, June 05, 2009, Blogger qrswave said...

interesting video

nepos, please see if you can decrease the size of the video. I suspect that it's pushing the side bar to the bottom of the blog.



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