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Ben Bernanke's 'Traveling Medicine Show'

Con artists in the 19th Century used to peddle their snake oil from buckboard wagons, traveling from town to town to sell the 'rubes' an elixir promising miracles, when all it contained was water, sugar, booze and laudanum, an opium derivative.
Sometimes it would make one feel good and thanks to the opium, relieve the pain, but more often than not it would make one sick or worse, since the compound was mixed behind closed doors and no one, except the makers, knew what was in the toxic swill.

These days Traveling Medicine Shows con artists use private jets and limos to take them to Town Hall meetings where they sell the American public BS about how the Federal Reserve is our friend and looking out for the USA and outright lies, like this one... "The Federal Reserve is an independent government agency also called the central bank."

And this one: "We are an agency of the government, but we're - within the government we need to have some independence from Congress and the administration, and the most important area is monetary policy."

The Fed is NOT a government agency. It is a cartel of private banks and families that own the system and 'lend' the USA it's own money, from which they make a handsome GUARANTEED return.

Time and again during this meeting, Bernanke stressed that the Fed needed to stay independent from the Congress.... Meaning, "Trust us," but don't verify what we are saying and for damn sure don't ask for that audit.

When 19th Century con artists were shown to be frauds, they were caught, painted with tar and covered in feathers. Or worse.

Isn't it about time to expose these 21st Century swindlers for what they are? And to expose what the Fed is crafting behind closed doors and selling to the American pubic?

Funny, but not one question about what happened to that 23 TRILLION the Fed gave to its buddies. Wonder why? The last time I saw so many softballs pitched was during a tournament.

The full transcript of 'Bennie's' lies, distortions and obfuscations are at At Forum, Bernanke Defends Fed's Aggressive Moves


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