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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fiddles while State of California burns

Sheer arrogance and apathy prevail as State of California is going under because of insane partisan politicking & stalemate with current state constitution twisted beyond comprehension and common sense.

Unmitigated open/illegal immigration, anti-business culture, hostile race relations & corrupt union and corporate influence and high taxation for ineffective government continue to strangle the life out of California.

California was one of the best in the nation in terms of education and living standard just three decades ago; now it's down the shitter because of festering, short-sighted liberalism and selfish, anti-tax neo-conservative assholiness.

Who the hell is this smug clown?

New York Times, July 1, 2009

By Mark Leibovich

Who Can Possibly Govern California?

...Schwarzenegger and I then repaired to a tent that he had put up in a courtyard next to his office, which allows him to smoke cigars legally at work (no smoking is allowed inside the Capitol). The tent is about 15 square feet, carpeted with artificial turf and outfitted with stylish furniture, an iPod, a video-conferencing terminal, trays of almonds, a chess table, a refrigerator and a large photo of the governor. Schwarzenegger reclined deeply in his chair, lighted an eight-inch cigar and declared himself “perfectly fine,” despite the fiscal debacle and personal heartsickness all around him. “Someone else might walk out of here every day depressed, but I don’t walk out of here depressed,” Schwarzenegger said. Whatever happens, “I will sit down in my Jacuzzi tonight,” he said. “I’m going to lay back with a stogie.”

How to save California from doom -

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Golden State Party web site

Close the Loophole (amend or repeal 1978 corporate/residential property tax cap law Proposition 13)

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Reference: Calitics blog (a decidedly left-wing, pro-union blog to keep track of California's troubled finance & inept governance)

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally going to finish off California

The Late, Great State of California column by Richard Reeves (author of MONEY January 1994 issue article "The Tax Revolt that Wrecked California")

Russia Today: California is bankrupt

Gov. Ahnuld's press secretary defends issuance of IOUs -- "I Owe You" promissory note


At Saturday, July 04, 2009, Blogger Nepos Libertas said...

Funny item found on Craig's List Los Angeles


Wanted to buy a 'State of California IOU'

I am interested in purchasing a "State of California IOU" as a souvenir. I figure it would be an interesting thing to have around when my grandchildren are fighting over my stuff after I’m dead and gone.

I will pay two times face value (up to $100, or $50 face value) for a warrant/IOU. Please drop me an email to discuss payment and shipping.

At Saturday, July 04, 2009, Blogger Musique said...

Ca, beautiful place on earh for sure
but whenever I turn around, I see three headed zio-dragon ruining our state & the country as well.

Speaking of the 3 headed zio_dragon and I'm sure you already know it very well, Nancy Pelosi, Barabara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein.

Fienstein is planning to sink CA to the bottom of the ocean and I am sure that her dream will come true, since she is gearing up to be the future dominatrix opps governator of CA.

At Saturday, July 04, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

An Iranian (naturalized US citizen) told me that the rumor in Iran is that the Governator is Jewish. I can't find anything on it.

At Tuesday, July 07, 2009, Blogger carbontet said...

Let the bloated, micro managing, socialist, police state fail. The first thing Arnie did when he became head puppet was a trip to Israel on guise of promoting "Caleeefornja business." I would like to know the real truth behind that. The Marxists continue to rant about Prop 13, the one thing that has kept many people from being tossed out in the street unable to afford to pay property taxes. The parasitic tax feeding government deserves NOTHING.


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