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“If you want to remember the past, remember the Holocaust, not Jackson's death, you idiots!”

(4) We were told to “get over it”

There is nothing wrong with analyzing historical events. The remark that we should "get over it" is simply a trick that the Jews are using to dampen investigations into their crimes. The Jews want us to remember 9/11, the Holocaust, etc, but they don't want us to investigate it. When we investigate one of their crimes, the Jews make idiotic remarks that we are bringing emotional trauma to the victims, or that we are dwelling on the past.

In regards to Michael Jackson's death, Alex Jones and Jason Bermas reacted with such hysteria so quickly that I wonder if the Jews were panicking because something went wrong with the murder. Consider the reaction of Alex Jones. Jackson was reported dead on the afternoon of June 25, 2009, a couple hours after Alex Jones finished his daily radio show. The next morning, June 26, you might expect Jones to mention the death of Jackson, but instead Jones complained that people wanted to discuss Michael Jackson's death rather than more important issues! Jackson had been dead for only about 20 hours, but already Jones was complaining that people were obsessed with Jackson and wanted to talk about him too much.

Here are three excerpts of Jones from his radio show on the morning of June 26, and they are followed by a fourth excerpt of him from when he appeared later that evening on the radio show of Jason Bermas, at which time Jones became so upset that he slammed down something, perhaps his headset, and walked off:

"Jones-Jackson-4excerpts-26June2009.mp3 500 kb

“Jackson died yesterday, you obsessed fools. Stop talking about his death! It's over with! It's not news any longer.

“It was yesterday's news!

“If you want to remember the past, remember the Holocaust, not Jackson's death, you idiots!”

Anyone out there having any doubts as to whether or not Alex Jones is a Zionist shill and buffoon can set them to rest.

Jones is part of the 9/11 coverup and the Zionist plan to take over the world thru various instruments, like the Federal Reserve and by acting like a complete idiot in the film about 9/11 called "New World Order," that showed 9/11 Truthers in a very sorry light.


At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

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At Tuesday, July 14, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

Jones doesn't mention the Holohoax in any of those clips so I'm assuming you're making a point with satire?

However, I can't recall how many Jewish holohoax movies, movies of the week, Hallmark Specials I've noticed popping up in the last year. "GET OVER IT" applies there.

I felt sad for MJ - it appears his entire life was manipulated (seems via MK Ultra) and his behavior may have been due to that - it's not something I can prove but there's a fair amount of evidence.

The family is claiming murder.

At Wednesday, July 15, 2009, Blogger geraldo91 said...

"I can't recall how many Jewish holohoax movies..I've noticed popping up in the last year" (andie531)

That's not a coincidence. Zionist Hollywood timed the opening of over ten propagandistic movies to coincide exactly with the Gazan massacre in December 2008.
"The Reader" and the animated "Waltz With Bashir" were two of the ten such movies, clearly intended to extract as much sympathy for the Holocaust victims, ourageously so because the tables were turned in Gaza.
The slogan "Never Again' rings hollow when it has come to mean "Never Again For the Jews Only".


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