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60 Congressional Traitors bow and scrape on visit to Apartheid Israel

No visit to Apartheid Israel is complete without ferrying over tons of US tax money to support that nation of bigots and racists, which this junket will most likely do.... Plus an assortment of advanced weaponry to help Israel with their planned invasion of Lebanon so the Zionists can do what they do best, STEAL Lebanon's River Litani.
Top US lawmakers to visit Israel, Palestinians

Representative Eric Cantor, the Republicans #2 man on Capitol hill, will lead a delegation of 25 Republican lawmakers to Israel and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' Ramallah headquarters for a week-long visit that opens Sunday.
Not to be outdone when fawning over Israel, here come the Dems, being led by the House Democratic Leader Hoyer:
House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is expected to follow Cantor later in the month-long congressional August recess with a delegation of about 35 Democrats.
Cantor says the US should not pay attention to the IOF evicting Palestinians from their legitimate homes or bat wielding Hasidic Rabbis leading crowds of Judeofascists that beat the life out of Palestinians and steal their homes, land and destroy their olive trees, that getting the USA to fight another war for Israel is more important!
And that to ask Israeli Jews to give back what they stole in the 1967 War of Aggression was 'anti-Semitic' and against G-d's will!!!

Cantor and Hoyer's trips will reportedly be underwritten by the American Israel Education Foundation, a charitable organization affiliated with the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Wonder if they'll meet any Israeli 'honeytraps' while making 'aliyah' to Apartheid Israel?

Wanna find out if your Senator or Rep has made 'aliyah' to Apartheid Israel, traveling courtesy of the American Israel Education Foundation? An all expenses paid trip to enjoy Tel Aviv night life, fine dining and with escorts provided by the Israeli internal security apparatus?

Click here for that list of over 300 Congressional traitors who love Israel, but not the USA and you'll find the web site, Legistorm and see who's a lover of Apartheid Israel.

Find names like the disgraced Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who liked to hire prostitutes to dress him up in diaper. Bet widdle Vittty gets a fresh set of diapers in Tel Aviv!!!

And Kansas Senator Roberts, who never met a Muslim he didn't want to bomb.

Wyoming Senator Barrasso, who Israel saw fit to invest over $36,000 for ONE trip. Must be one helluva Senator.

Congressman John Boehner, he of the perennial tan. Now we know where he gets those tan lines!

Maybe they'll all get a gift of a stolen olive tree?


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