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General McChrystal Westmoreland Warns of Defeat if He Doesn’t Get More Troops

Holocaust™ News-Washington: Though only yesterday President Richard Barack Nixon Obama insisted that the decision on more troops for Afghanistan, Vietnam “could wait” and declined to even indicate when he might make such a decision, his top commander in Afghanistan, Vietnam is suggesting a decision needs to be made, and soon.

General Stanley McChrystal William Westmoreland's heavy redacted assessment of the war, which was submitted to Secretary Melvin Laird "Bobbie" Gates weeks ago, cautions that if he doesn’t get significant amounts of additional troops within the next 12 months the war will “likely result in failure.”

And while it had been reported before that Gen. McChrystal Westmoreland had requested 40,000 troops, the general is now seeking as many as 45,000 more troops, on top of the 68,000 already there and the 3,000 troops already approved earlier this month. The General stated in no uncertain terms that he was "going to hold his breath" until he got more toys.

Secretary of State Henry Hillary Kissinger Clinton said "We must fight the Viet Cong Taliban bad guys over there, or else we'll be fighting them in your backyard!"
"We know that Americans will gladly turn over all their money and sacrifice all of their offspring to fight these wars for Wall Street and Israel, anything else would be 'un-American,' said the Secretary Henry Hillary Kissinger Clinton.

The WH indicated that it had proof that Laos, Iran and Cambodia were sending troop into Afghanistan, Vietnam and was in high level talks with Israel to decide on how to deal with these insurgents.

When asked by a reporter at the press conference if the Gulf of World Trade Center Tonkin attack was a 'false-flag,' the WH stated that only 'anti-Semites' and whackos believe that kind of nonsense.



At Tuesday, September 22, 2009, Blogger geraldo91 said...

We failed in Afghanistan on day one. The Republican homophobes need to face the reality that the only person who ever conquered Afghanistan was a gay man: Alexander the Great. Now that we can save face and declare failure, perhaps we can afford Medicare for All.

At Wednesday, September 23, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

alex the shit-packing psycho-killer?

maybe the democratic pervs can do a better job (sic)


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