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israeli settler: "our fence...goes as far as an M-16 can reach"

satan's psychotic pharisees want to destroy al-Aqsa, build temple of antichrist

This is a condensed 11m youtube version of israel's next war 55m pbs video that i posted yesterday.
Narrator: 'The people of Bahayn live in enmity with their Palestinian neighbors, who don't dare come near. While other settlements are fenced in, the people (settlers) here prefer a different approach...deterrence.'

Settler: "The Arab knows that when a Jew fences himself in, the rest of the land is his. We want to prevent that. He puts his plough next to the Jew's fence and starts ploughing all the way to his village. and that's unacceptable.

If I don't have a fence it confuses him. Our fence in fact goes as far as an M-16 can reach. The range of an M-16 bullet is our fence."

Taken to its logical conclusion, this philosphy gives Jews the (G-d given) right to take whatever land they want provided they have the military means to get it.

Pure unmitigated psychosis, at its worst.


king solomon's quarries - zedekiah's cave

the play is as plain as day

dream as nightmare


At Friday, September 04, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

see how when the m-16 fence-demon
'yaki morag' is told about his son being caught attempting to blow up a hundred little Palestinian girls in front of their school, he dons an ear-to-ear grin and laughs?!!
what the fuck!!

the 'secular' and satanist zio-infidels would like to blame everything on the retarded zealots (who would gladly do the dirtywork) but it seems that they're afraid to die in a war against the Muslims for some reason, heh heh heh.


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