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A Little Note From the Angry Arab News Service on Israelis in Tibet

"Hope all well. Just wanted to say, since you've taken down comments, that the Dalai Lama - while no fan - was not bs-ing when he said the largest group of (foreign) tourists are Israelis - they are, I've been up there to Dharamsala and the place is choca with Israelis - as is a lot of tourist places in India - Goa, Kerala, Rajastan, Himachal Pradesh, Varanasi etc. - who head there to smoke up and forget what they did for three years in the army.

What really pissed me off - bar Indians keeping on asking me if I was an Israeli, and Israelis too - was the number of Zionists walking around in t-shirts saying: FREE TIBET. I felt like grabbing a marker pen and scrawling AND FREE PALESTINIANS TOO! 

Total hypocrisy, being all peace minded regarding Tibetans but fascistic towards the Palestinians...The Dalai Lama actually lives up in a town further up the hill called Mcleod Ganj, and where most tourists stay, but as Mcleod Ganj was a hill station retreat established by the Brits during the Raj - the Viceroy used to like going there - Dharamsala is always used as the name of the DL's residence - sounds a bit more exotic, certainly more than the very British sounding Mcleod!"

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