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Suit: Palestinian teacher's firing over alleged slur unfair

A Palestinian Muslim instructor filed a federal discrimination suit Monday against Columbia College Chicago, claiming she was fired after a student falsely reported she made an anti-Semitic comment in class.

Suriya H. Smiley is accused of saying to the student, "I should have known you were Jewish by the size of your nose," the suit claims.

A teacher's assistant and eight other students were present in class at the time and confirmed that Smiley never made the remark or any anti-Semitic statements, the suit said.

The suit alleges Smiley was treated less favorably than similarly situated employees who were not Palestinian or Arab when accused of "false allegations of misconduct," the suit said.

Smiley was employed as a part-time faculty member in the Radio Department for 14 years, according to the suit. She was notified of the student's complaint on Dec. 4, 2008, although officials would not give her specifics about the incident.

Despite no alleged evidence, the college refused to conduct an investigation into the student's allegations and swiftly fired Smiley, the suit said. No witnesses were contacted or questioned.

The only language to be used when addressing members of the 'Tribe' should always be prefaced with "Your Majesty" or "Your Highness." You should be gracious, kind and always deferential to the 'Tribe' member you are addressing and always, ALWAYS remember your place. You will bow gracefully after asking the question and keep your head bowed until the 'Tribe' member replies.

Anything else will be considered 'anti-Semitic,' and will bring a swift response from the ADL and a whole flock of big-nosed lawyers..... Oops!


At Tuesday, October 06, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lying k*** collaborated with the bigoted administration to do this. There's no way a comment like that would have been made by a teacher, Palestinian or otherwise.


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