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Ayn Rand's Ideal Man Was an Axe Murderer

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At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

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At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

It is worth noting that you are profiling Rand at an early stage of her life. She later criticized the planned book and its view of life as "malevolent." A significant goal of "The Fountainhead" was deconstructing and repudiating this kind of world view.


At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger RichardBarnes said...

Your title is quite a sensationalist misrepresentation of what Rand was actually saying. It's ironic you include more or less the entire text of the Wikipedia article and yet misread its message. Rand agree with one specific sentence taken out of the context in which Hickman said it. She also recognized what many ought to recognize - the masses, in alleged pursuit of justice, can and will often behave like the brutish unthinking murderers they claim to oppose. Your title suggests she supported the idea of murder by axe.

It's clear she did not and also clear that Hickman was not her idea of the ideal man.

At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

No, I didn't suggest that "she supported the idea of murder by axe" - I made no such suggestion.

She had glorified a man who was a particularly foul murderer. I find that reprehensible, I don't give a damn what reason she had to do it. Bad example.

Her statement It is repulsive to see all these beings with worse sins and crimes in their own lives, virtuously condemning a criminal..." in light of the crime committed, makes no sense. That is a real stretch.

As for myself, I'm not big on condemnation. When I hear about a story like that, I'm thinking the individual is sick. But a hero? Or even a model for one? Hello? She certainly lacked compassion for the girl - but you know, compassion to her was a weakness.

Ayn Rand, according to Nathaniel Branden, didn't understand science beyond Newton. In addition, Rand really did have a cult around her. I found it kind of amusing when in one essay she referred to Palestinians as "tribalists" but never to Jews or the cult she built around herself.

There was no questioning of her philosophy. Not allowed. She had issues with jealousy when Branden took off with a 23 year old. At that point she disowned him from the cult. There is also ample evidence she was amphetamine addicted. In other words, the perfect person wasn't really so.

Her inner circle was entirely Jewish and flagrantly anti-Christian. Apparently, she and Branden both looked upon Christianity as a religion of altruism or as Ted Turner would say, "a religion for losers". When Murray Rothbard married a Christian and converted to Christianity, Branden and Rand called him on the carpet as if he'd lost his mind.

Rand may have hated Bolshevism, however, Bolshevism was almost entirely a Jewish idea, as is Marxism and Communism. If she had taken the time to "check her premises" maybe she'd make more sense.

I have found her writing substandard and her characters wooden. Her books tend to appeal to adolescents - at that age, they're selfish - it all makes sense to them .

I for one have never gotten one drop of inspiration from anything she's written. I guess I'm just too "anti-life", unlike Hickman.

At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...


You seem to have come to a closed conclusion on the truth of these matters. But if you are willing to question the usual smears, I recommend "Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics."


At Wednesday, November 04, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

I recommend this little play by Murray Rothbard, who got pretty fed up with the asinine Randians:

At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

Thank you. I hadn't seen this one and will read it as well.


At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

Hi Andie,

I don't think you'll get much argument from Objectivists that the Brandens were jackasses. Their behavior is a major topic in the book I recommended. You might find interesting the extent to which Rand was horrified by their sycophancy once she understood it.

I think there are significant reasons to be wary of Rothbard. His love of Beethoven is not one of them.


At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

It is a cult, pure and simple. The kind of terror she enforced on anyone who questioned her point of view is nothing more than PC in reverse.


This is a woman who, as Rothbard and Branden state, spent a lot of time quoting herself, was into detective novels and nothing else much as reading material, and didn't understand science beyond the 1700's era.

Branden was her toyboy for about 20 years until he found someone closer to his own age. Up to that point, Branden could do no wrong, according to her.

She is alleged to have had an affair with Phillipe Rothschild - one of those of a family who've been nothing but parasites on humanity since they hatched in the 1700's in Frankfurt. Was that her idea of the ideal man?

Her first husband was no heroic player. The guy was a bit actor in silent movies - he had a gift for flower arranging - they got a quickie marriage in Tijuana. From the looks of it he may have been gay and she his "beard" - he may have been needed so she could stay in the US. He certainly wasn't any model for John Galt. Hickman (a sociopath) was. She admired sociopathy. I've got a problem with that.

One of her inner circle, Greenspan, became head of the Federal Reserve, the biggest parasitical fraud ever.

Rothbard wrote "The Case Against the Fed". Greenspan invited Rand to his swearing in. I'm sure she was more than happy to attend. Go figure.

At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

Hi Andie,

I obviously disagree with your interpretations here. Much of it is speculation. The rest has been addressed elsewhere, and I'm not sure there's anywhere to go in this conversation. If you are interested in looking deeper, there are plenty of resources.


At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger musique said...

Ayn the disgusting zoooess gotess of the sheeple tribe.

no wonder why the zoolanders are lining up to to defend their harlot deity.

At Thursday, November 05, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

I obviously disagree with your interpretations here. Much of it is speculation. The rest has been addressed elsewhere, and I'm not sure there's anywhere to go in this conversation.

Rothbard's and Branden's observations are not speculation.

She at the time she got involved with Branden and Rothbard was exhibiting the behavioral signs of addiction: "My three favorite philosophers, American revolutionary Thomas Paine and writer-philosophers Herbert Spencer and Ayn Rand were all addicts, which explains their bizarre personal lives even if their biographers didn't make the connection." http://www.preventragedy.com/pages/TAR/004.nov04.html
"Ayn Rand (was addicted)to amphetamines. (She) controlled her followers by allowing no deviation or room for argument, becoming a cult like figure in the process. She also exercised power over her husband and a younger surrogate by engaging in a bizarre open affair for decades." - Alcoholism, Myths and Realities, page 65.

BTW - the author considers himself a libertarian objectivist.

There is plenty of Jewish Talmudic thinking in her philosophy whether she knew it or not.

She was raised like a Jewish supremacist and had supremacist goggles on all her life, it seems.

According to her, her father, a very wealthy man, was hurt by the Bolsheviks, which was a Jewish movement - something she doesn't even consider. What really happened is questionable, no one has ever checked her story out.

I once got into it with a Rand "objectivist" who listened to a Branden tape I had. She 1) got all huffy about Branden saying that Rand said he was Galt (or close - I could care less), and 2) began shouting "Ayn Rand was the greatest person that ever lived!" I might as well have told a Moonie that Dr. Moon was a lunatic.

If you want to stay in the realm of the pro-Randians, that is your business. As I said before, her stuff just leaves me cold, and in addition, she blames all the wrong people for everything. Rothbard stated that her assertion that the biggest victim in America was the businessman was absurd. I agree.

At Friday, November 06, 2009, Blogger RandalV said...

For the sake of clarity:
By "speculation," I was referring to >your< speculation, ie where you're saying "From the looks of it" or "it seems."

Rothbard's accusations are the claims that I was saying have been "addressed elsewhere." The question there is whether you accept the claims as credible observations, or if there are reasons to doubt them.


At Thursday, November 19, 2009, Blogger Bethie Marie said...

Ayn Rand's initial philosophical impulses were so close to the teachings of Jesus Christ as to be amazing. Read the article: "Jesus Christ and Ayn Rand: Brother and Sister"

At Friday, November 20, 2009, Blogger andie531 said...

Your article quotes from "A course in miracles" which was written by some fraud who apparently pretends to channel Jesus and "quotes" him.

I think Ayn Rand would have thought of this as a bunch of hooey, as I do.


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