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Joel Rosenberg's Joshua Fund Sponsors Christian Prayer Summit for Israel

Last week, several hundred Christians from North America held a prayer summit in Jerusalem.

The summit, sponsored by Joel Rosenberg's Joshua Fund, focused on prayer for Israel and believers in the region.

Many said prayer at this time in Israel's history is essential.

"We've seen the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. We're seeing it sadly in our own country," one believer said.  "So it's the Body of Christ that's going to pray for Israel, that's going to pray for the peace."

"We know that Yeshua's going to deliver them," another added.  "We know that His plan is not going to be late. They're on His time clock but we as believers have the privilege and the honor to pray for them and join Him as His plan moves forward."

"Prayer makes the biggest difference besides hearing all the politics and stuff. Prayer is what really is going to be answered," one woman said.

"I believe that prayer is the key and that is the greatest thing. The Lord Jesus Himself has asked us to do," a prayer warrior continued.  "As you know the life of Christ was fully saturated with prayer and so the apostle's life. Can we do anything less?"


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Jews don't need enemies


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